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Holden Barina Spark is exciting for the electric car market.
Image: Supplier Source: cheapest quality with national features-
Electric cars produced on the road today-
American version of Holden Barina Spark.
When it goes public next year, it is expected to sell for less than $30,000.
But with the US government\'s $7500 incentive for electric vehicles and a $3500 rebate from the state government, prices could fall below $20,000.
The money here is equivalent to the Toyota Corolla.
The nose of Spark EV is covered in plaid camouflage because we have a secret
Preview Drive before the opening of the Los Angeles auto show next week.
But if you imagine the shiny grille treatment of Holden V, which is grafted on the front of this hatchback, you will have a good psychological understanding of how it looks.
This is the first GM.
Electric cars since they got sick
Fate 1 EV1 was cut off on 1999-
In a 2006 documentary, the company accused the electric vehicle of being killed and transformed.
Spark EV may look beautiful, but it\'s the fastest electric hatch on the road.
The engineers also provided it with motion suspension and wider tires.
It is very different from the tight rubber used in eco-cars before.
It will be built in Korea and initially sold in North America, but Australia is on the distribution \"wish list.
\"Through Volt, we have introduced the concept of electric holens to the Australian public.
\"If the right level of demand in the market becomes apparent, we are fully equipped to take advantage of other GM global electric vehicle projects,\" said Craig Cheetham . \". --
The value of electric vehicles still makes no economic sense, but Spark EV puts technology within the reach of the public
Become a market buyer for the first time.
Holden Barina Spark\'s gasoline starts at $13,990, so it will take decades to recover about $15,000 of the fuel price difference from the $30,000 all-electric model.
But compared to other electric vehicles such as Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi I, this is still a much lower price premium
MiEV costs about $50,000 per vehicle, about $30,000 more than a petrol vehicle of the same size.
The cost of electric vehicles is not expected to fall sharply again in five years, as the industry expects battery technology to grow further.
Spark EV has an electric motor under the hood and a lithium of 255 kg-
The ion battery pack under the rear seat spans the rear wheel.
Both are elegant installations.
These technologies were borrowed from the Holton Volt plug.
But it\'s different in design and capacity.
The motor power of Spark EV is about 100 KW and the torque is 542Nm
In the Hall sports car, V8 is only 8 less than V8.
All of this happened in a car weighing 1346 kg, 500 kg less than hiv.
In contrast, the larger and heavier Volts have an electric motor of 111 KW and 500Nm, which makes the Spark electric vehicle from 0-
100 km/h (less than 8 seconds ).
Press the power button to start the car and the computer performs 1400 diagnostic checks within the time required for the instrument to light up.
The charging time is 8 hours from empty, but the quick charger can fill the battery pack up to 80 cents in 20 minutes.
GM will not announce the mileage until next week (it says the battery has a capacity of at least 20 kWh ).
If it has a battery pack of 24 kWh, the 160 km drive range is possible.
Most drivers drive less than 80 km a day to and from work. --
Design under shiny voltage
Like the grille and the \"blinds\" hidden behind the bumper, they close at high speed to improve the airflow around the car and open at low speed to improve cooling.
To make it slide better in the air, the bottom is almost completely flat.
Even the rear spoiler and side mold have subtle curves that allow for a clean gap with the air and reduce turbulence.
There is basically no change between the interior and the regular spark, but the meter group is replaced by the digital display of the Volt.
Looks small (the spark of stars competes in the city)
Car part), there are five seat belts, but it can accommodate four adults in a relatively comfortable situation. --
Security hasn\'t been tested independently yet, but there\'s no reason to suggest that Spark EV won\'t get the same four-
Star ANCAP security class as gasoline-powered model.
Six airbags are standard.
A few weeks after the US government conducted a crash test last year, a Volt battery pack caught fire because it was not running out normally.
But before and after that incident, the Volt battery pack was already tested in a severe impact mounted on the car and the stand
In laboratory conditions alone, no one caught fire during the impact.
After the accident, the Emergency Service Department also received training to handle the battery pack of electric vehicles.
After Hurricane Sandy in New York, 16 electric cars made by Fisk caught fire hours after being flooded with salt --
Then the wind took the flame to 15 people parked next to the pier.
But the company said it was Fisk\'s 12 v battery, not the lithium-
When the ion battery pack supplies power to the circuit.
But the lithium from a Fisk car.
After the supplier installed the faulty battery, the ion battery pack did catch fire earlier this year. --
DRIVINGHere is the biggest surprise
Spark EV is a great driver.
This should not be a surprise, though.
This sedan is better than Commodore V8 and-
Just reiterated-
It almost matches the 50nm of the all-around mountain SV sports sedan.
GM slightly adjusts the drive of the motor to bring the peak power to 65 km/h
The speed at which most other electric vehicles tend to slow down --
On the way to the top
Speed exceeding the speed limit.
Electric cars also control and handle bumps better than regular gasolinepowered Spark.
The engineers gave Spark EV a wider \"footprint\" by pushing the wheels to the corners of the car \".
Then they installed a wider rubber (15x6-
Front inch and 15x6. 5-
Inches in the back ).
You read it right.
The back rubber is wider than the front (like an hiv performance car) and can handle the weight of the large battery pack on the back floor.
Now, if Holden can do it like that. --
Almost all of the world\'s largest automakers have written off electric vehicles, and after more than a month it becomes meaningless --
At the Paris auto show, Toyota, GM and Volkswagen announced they prefer plug-in cars. in hybrids -
Spark EV brings new hopes for fun, affordable gasolinefree driving. -----
Holden barnner sparks.
Three half-star
Price from $30,000 (estimated )-
WARRANTY 3 years/100,000 km
Battery warranty 8 years/160,000 km-
Engine motor (100 KW/542Nm )-
Transmission order
Maximum 4800 rpm-electric drive motor
Thirst 0L/100 km-
Scope 160 km (estimated )-DIMENSIONS 3. 6m (L), 1. 6m (W), 1. 5m (H)-WEIGHT 1346kg--
* Others consider * $59,990-Holden Volt-
Three and a half stars. 4-litre 4-cyl, 63kW.
Power the 55 KW generator, charge the on-board battery pack for a maximum range of 600 km (88 km battery charge )--
Electric cars that have been driving
Thanks to a defender.
Gasoline engine--$51,500+-Nissan Leaf-
Three and a half starsENGINE 80 KW/80nm electric motor, lithium-
The maximum range of Ion battery packaging is 160 km--
The most complete electric car on the road today--$48,800+-Mitsubishi i-MiEV-
Two starsENGINE 49 KW/18nm electric motors, lithium-
The maximum range of Ion battery packaging is 160 km--
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