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by:CTECHi     2019-12-19
The wheel revolution is coming.
Electric cars are coming into our market, but electric cars
Electric bikes and scooters have been around for several years.
Sales have been slow so far, but as Harry Samson, the importer of electric motorcycles and bicycles in Brisbane, points out, growth will be exponential.
In 1997, they sold 98,000 electric bikes and scooters in China.
\"It was 25 million last year and they sent the bike shop out of order,\" he said . \".
They haven\'t caught the imagination of the Australian public yet, but with world number one running, it\'s all likely to change next week --
Electric Grand Prix featuring the world\'s fastest electric bike.
Time Test Xtreme Grand Prix (TTXGP)
Will be June 12 in Isle of Man TT track held machine at more than 200 mi.
More than 50 teams participated in the Grand Prix.
Greens want electricity in Australia
There are a lot of bikes to choose from for electric bikes, but there are only a few motorcycles and no motorcycles.
There are several bike importers who have electric bikes, electric folding bikes suitable for your car trunk, and even a conversion kit to turn regular bikes into electric bikesPower machine.
One of these conversion kits is the Queensland eLation system, which was selected to appear on the new inventor\'s TV show in 2006.
Michael Solomon, importer of electric bicycles in China, said
Car families are throwing away a car in order to buy an electric bike.
\"Mom is driving a family car to pick up the kids and do housework while dad is commuting by bike,\" he said . \".
Electric bikes are about 30 km/h and about 50 km.
You can ride them without a license or even take public transport because they don\'t have combustible fuel.
If you have a motorcycle license or you live in Queensland or Western Australia and have a public car license, you can also ride a 50 km/h electric \"Scooter\" scooter.
But there are very few people who choose.
Honda is considering making electric scooters or small bikes for Australia, but no news has been announced yet.
Other manufacturers have not yet confirmed electric motorcycles in Australia, but they all seem to be on their drawing boards.
The only electric scooter on the market is three scooters without them and two EVT scooters with a speed limit of 50 km/h, Vectrix maxi-scooter.
The Nope J50 retro costs $3100 and looks like a hornet.
And more modern-
After about four months, the price of the J50 Neo will be $2950, and the price of the Nope J70 will reach 60 km/h.
Harry Samson, importer of Brisbane ECO Motion, said he sold the cars to people who could not afford or run a second.
He called on governments to support electric scooters through incentives.
\"Kickbacks should be made like solar panels.
They can also make it cheaper for them to register, cancel stamp duty or import duty or specify a specific Scooter Lane.
\"This will encourage people to use them,\" he said . \". The EVT 168 ($4290)and 4000e ($3995)
The electric scooter uses an electric hub motor that is part of the rear wheel.
The power supply comes from four sealed batteries, which will be charged overnight from the domestic 240 v power point.
These 50-kilometer-per-hour scooters are limited to highways and highways.
However, Vectrix maxi, the largest electric scooter on our market, does not have this restriction, it costs $13,950 and requires a motorcycle license to ride.
It uses nickel metal hydrogen (NiMH)
Based on a battery pack with an estimated life span of 8000 km per year for up to 10 years.
Charles Mann, managing director of Vectrix Scooters Australia, said they have been operating for about 18 months and have sold about 150 units in the past year.
\"We have a lot more rent than sales,\" he said . \".
Vectrix is made in Poland and features electronics from Italy and the United States.
Mann said they will add smaller, cheaper models in the next 12 months and confirmed that Vectrix is considering a retro hydrogen fuel cell power unit whose range will
Lancaster electric bike sales in Brisbane
200 bicycles have been designed and built in China, but Ian Lancaster, the owner, also wants to import electric helpers.
\"But there is still a lot of red tape going through,\" he said . \".
\"Now my first sample will be tested at any time.
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