Some Airlines to Start Banning Smart Luggage This Month

by:CTECHi     2020-04-02
Travel luggage has come a long way over the years.
We have changed from train case and soft zip bag to hard shell bag, now, \"smart\" luggage.
Some of these products feature GPS tracking, USB ports for charging phones and laptops, the ability to remotely lock packages with apps, and even luggage you can ride through the terminal.
But if you want to hop on a smart luggage cart, please note: Many airlines will ban these baggage boarding from this year.
Technology is improving, so it makes sense for our suitcase to follow.
The ability to travel with a bag that can charge our devices-plus a range of other neat features-is very convenient and easy to see the appeal (even at a higher price ).
However, this also means that most of these new smart packages contain non-
Removable lithiumion batteries.
These are the main reasons why airlines are worried.
Passengers can expect the first smart baggage ban to take effect from January 15, 2018.
American Airlines kicked off
On December 1, 2017, the technology company issued a baggage ban.
Followed closely by Alaska Airlines and Delta Airlines, which also announced the 2018 ban.
So far, all three airlines that have announced the ban will implement the new smart baggage policy starting from January 15.
It is expected that the United Nations and Southwest China will soon announce their own similar ban,of-yet-
The effective date is unknown.
The reason for the ban is due to the volatility of rechargeable lithium, the safety problem of possible fire in the cargo areaion batteries.
If your luggage is checked in and the battery explodes, this can pose a serious danger to the entire flight.
Although the ban revolves around concerns about the fire in the cargo area, smart luggage carrying-
The new ban also bans ons.
This prevents an intelligent bag from being accidentally checked at the last minute and putting it in the cargo hold.
While there have been no reports of its battery explosion or fire-causing since the advent of the Smart Pack, it seems that airlines are taking a proactive approach.
Unlike the ban on hoverboards and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones, the concern that the onboard battery fires is a risk that airlines would rather mitigate ahead of time.
Have been using your tech luggage for years or just bought a beautiful new smart bag during the holidays?
Don\'t worry now.
After all, you can carry your suitcase with you.
If you are on a flight from American Airlines, Alaska Airlines or Delta Airlines, you can still carry smart luggage on the plane.
The only thing to note is that lithium
The ion battery pack must be removable.
This will allow it to be put in the cabin with you.
If the battery is not removable, you will not be able to carry your luggage with you in these airlines.
If the battery pack can be carried with you, it limits the possible damage caused by the faulty battery.
In luggage storage, it is difficult to detect a battery fire and then to accommodate the battery fire.
However, if someone breaks out in the cabin, the flight attendant can use fire extinguishers and fire safety packs and can reduce the chances of serious injury or damage.
Fortunately, many smart baggage companies offer luggage with removable batteries.
This neat and tidy feature is handy because over time you can replace the battery when it (inevitably) wears out.
You can also remove the battery pack and carry it with you.
This way, you can use it during your flight to power your device.
Here\'s a list of some of the most popular smart packs on the market today, all of which allow you to remove lithium
Ion battery pack.
Each piece below is in compliance with the new battery regulations, so you can still fly with your bag.
Battery available?
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