Solid-state batteries largely solve the shortcomings of ternary lithium batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-08-11

Everything has a development trajectory, including the automobile industry. When new energy vehicles are emerging, battery and battery life are the most complained issues. Today, new energy models will usher in major changes. In the past battery materials, most new energy vehicles use ternary lithium batteries, and the shortcoming of this type of battery is that the battery energy density can not reach the ideal value, even if it can be achieved, there is still great instability. As a new energy vehicle, the quality of the battery is the basis of everything. If the battery fails to make a breakthrough, it will undoubtedly be a bottleneck for the development of new energy.

In this context, solid-state batteries have emerged in a timely manner in line with the development of the industry. Solid-state batteries not only have the advantages of short charging time and long cruising range, but also due to other electrolytes. The non-flammable, non-volatile, non-leakage and other characteristics of solid-state batteries make the safety of solid-state batteries much stronger than lithium batteries. In terms of manufacturing structure, solid-state batteries are more compact, flexible in scale, and flexible in design, which can allow electric vehicles to use more electronic components for driving. It can be said that the emergence of solid-state batteries has largely solved the shortcomings of ternary lithium batteries, and has also brought more possibilities for the future development of electric vehicles.

So no matter from which aspect, the replacement of ternary lithium batteries by solid-state batteries has become an inevitable development trend, and it seems that it is only a matter of time. For this replacement, it is like the coexistence of mechanical hard drives and solid state drives on computers. At present, pure mechanical hard drives, mechanical hard drives and solid state drives coexist and pure solid state drives coexist in the computer field. Such a replacement development trend will also be the development of new energy models. Trends, this is unquestionable.

At present, many experts in this field have stated that the ternary lithium battery is a drawback of the development of new energy vehicles, and its role has reached the ceiling of the industry. According to the battery development plan formulated by the industry, by 2020, the density of lithium batteries will reach 350Wh/kg. This goal is impossible to achieve, so it is naturally the best choice to focus on solid-state batteries.

So generally speaking, the Ru0026D and development of solid-state batteries have brought new development directions and heights to the field of new energy vehicles, once again providing the height of this industry. Also for the next step in the industry process.

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