solar street lights an economically viable solution

by:CTECHi     2020-03-15
Street lights are the biggest expense in many cities in the world. Staying up-to-
With the new development and adoption of solar lighting technology, power costs and greenhouse gas emissions have been greatly reduced.
Solar street lamps are economical and feasible in many applications.
Not only in areas where the cost of providing electricity is too expensive, but also where reducing operating costs is a priority.
Solar street lights are a smart choice for parking lots, parks, highways, road airports, regional lighting and many other public, private and military venues.
When installing a solar street lamp, there is no need to dig the cable because the power does not depend on the grid.
Solar energy is used to charge itself.
There are batteries during the day and at night, and the energy released by the battery powers the lights.
From dusk to dawn, the timer or photoelectric tube controls the operation of the lamp.
The installation speed is very fast, and each solar street lamp is usually less than one day.
This can be done by any experienced technician.
Solar panels need to be aligned correctly in order to collect maximum energy during the day.
Few things to consider when planning the use of solar street lamps: it is very important to adjust the size of different components correctly (
Solar panel, lamp, battery, solar controller)
According to the geographical area.
A well-designed solar street light system can provide adequate and low-cost lighting and has minimal maintenance. LED (
Up to 50 lights can work. 000 hours.
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