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by:CTECHi     2020-02-24
Lighting may be the last thing we think of when we pull the backyard together, but our gardens, flowerpots and tables are begging for a little light to make sure they are beautiful
When the party lasts for a whole night, investing in a solar light keeps your carbon footprint low.
The benefits of solar energy to the environment are undeniable, and it would be better to know that there is a good way to integrate it.
Outdoor solar lights are waterproof and resistant to corrosion, but most importantly, they are safe for children and pets.
Consider replacing or adding these lighting options this summer.
In the backyard or deck, choose stylish accent lights to create a soft glow in the garden at night.
For professional landscape effects, place the lights symmetrically and make sure to select the wireless part with solar panels built directly into each individual light.
Bronze colored lanterns are best disguised in an outdoor setting, covering up the dust and dirt that inevitably accumulate in summer.
Fence Light, 4 packs, $21.
97, family DepotBronze street light, 4 packs, $48.
00, a cottage, cottage or RV garden in WalmartFor, Nestlé solar \"rock\" light enters the garden directly for an organic look.
Rock Spotlight, 3 sets, $19.
Bed Bath and beyondlamp are great ways to create an atmosphere and atmosphere, especially during the party.
Unlike garden lights, string lights are best powered by a separate large solar panel at one end for the entire string.
Expose the panel to the sun in the daytime and choose the light with spare batteries on cloudy days.
$33 string lights
74, for larger backyard and balcony, bigger focus lights can be considered.
If you have a pool or water feature, this sphere will change the color and can float.
Keep an eye on how much lumens your solar lights have.
Just like the wattage in traditional bulbs, the higher the Lumen count, the brighter the neon light will be.
$46 waterproof globe32, Amazon.
If you are often entertained outside, you can enjoy a unique feeling.
Lanterns and key lighting provide a good mood lighting that will really complement the landscaping.
Don\'t be limited by the \"rules\" and treat your backyard or deck as an extension of the house.
Solar Powered tables and floor lamps can create a warm living room atmosphere on beautiful summer nights, while hanging chandeliers can be used as table lamps, which is great for buffets or bars.
Metal lanterns for $129. 99, Wayfair.
Available lights for $69.
Floor lights, Canada, $99.
99, Canadian Lantern, $8.
99, living in the cottage at home, even for a great charm adventure, if the party continues after dusk, it is always a good idea to use solar lanterns with you.
Solar energy is the perfect choice here as the power supply is not always available.
Cheap solar chandeliers are perfect for terraces, porches and even top of tents.
Also, solar lanterns are perfect for traveling through dark country nights.
Patio pendant for $49.
$99, $19.
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