Solar Power: Is It Right For You?

by:CTECHi     2019-12-12
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Credit: buying electricity in advance is an attractive way.
You lock up the solar energy.
In future energy prices, provide you and your people with better power than most people living in the grid.
However, despite the appeal of solar energy, it may not be the right thing for everyone.
Micro Solar is a good idea for everyone, but to power your home requires some thought and serious investment.
Before you make a financial commitment, it is important that you consider these issues and make sure you are satisfied with your choices.
We always rely on-the-
We really like it, but it\'s not for everyone.
Let\'s take a look at a few questions: pros1.
Protect yourself from rising energy costs.
Commercial power is available if it is not economically feasible.
Better and more reliable power supply 4 in many cases.
After installation, the running cost is extremely low.
No fixed expenditure per month.
If you are good at DIY, you can save a lot of money on the installation.
Increase the value of your property, especially in remote locations.
Some local governments support \"buying\"
Return options for \"grid\"
Solar System.
If you can\'t get it, how much is the power worth.
The mini-devices for emergency use are very cheap. Cons 1.
The power available is limited to the installation 2 you can afford.
Not suitable for people living in the city or apartment, etc3.
In many places, the initial connection cost to the grid is very low.
The utility company is buying-
Return by paying wholesale prices and selling retailers.
If you have a problem with power, it\'s not your public business.
Weather is a problem in many places.
In some areas, the building permit requires you to connect to the power company, whether you want it or notify it, and we can fill out a book if we are going to grab those points and discuss them in detail, make this decision more complicated.
This is not my intention.
Obviously, there are side effects in making decisions and we need to think clearly, but for many people who are off the grid, the decision to generate solar power is not difficult.
Usually, this decision is a simple question of economics. i. e.
You want to build a cabin for your family in a remote area
You want some strength.
Utilities want a fortune to connect you, so solar rocket is a great way to get what you want.
In our case, it\'s totally impossible for utilities to want $27,000 to connect us.
To connect the cost of the grid, we can pay for very good systems that belong to us, not to utilities.
A simple decision.
Some utilities believe they are helping people buy and sell electricity to them.
The sale of electricity does need to be invested on behalf of utility companies, but over time they will get a return on investment.
Why do consumers have to pay for devices owned by utility companies? I am not saying that utility companies should be charitable organizations, but should try to expand the market with their own money. Or ultimately repay the consumer\'s investment in economically risky equipment.
Utilities are the energy backbone of our country, and the work they do is vital to the vast majority of the United States and our way of life.
But for those who are not within the \"normal\" consumer range, there needs to be a balance and alternative.
The provision of electricity monopoly is to make electricity cheap and rich for consumers, but the lack of competition and the need to pay dividends to stock holders leads to conflicts of interest that are not easily overcome.
When you have millions of customers, the individual becomes very small.
Micro solar installation whether or not you are fully using solar energy, I would recommend that you consider buying a solar panel, a small charging controller, a deep cycle battery and a small inverter or Inverter/charger.
You can use it to power a TV powered by a radio or battery to charge your phone, laptop, tablet, mp3 player, electric shaver, charging light, etc.
There are many uses for a small amount of electricity.
When the lights go out, it\'s really great to have a backup even if it\'s not enough to get you home.
An emergency happens when you least expect it.
When the lights are off, you can use your micro solar system to keep in touch in case of emergency, provide emergency lighting, and stay in order before returning to power.
Many of us use the wireless phone and the wireless phone crashes when the power is off and now you can get it to work.
If there is a service, charge the phone, and if it is a smartphone, you can see important news.
Keep your wireless router up and running so you can access the Internet.
A small amount of electricity will make a big difference!
Connect or plan your system so you don\'t have to worry about what to do when an emergency happens.
Preset things in order to start the backup power supply as automatically as possible.
An emergency is not the time to break the manual and figure out how to handle what you have.
Be prepared before you need it.
In the news, you will see a power outage in large areas of the country for several weeks!
It makes sense to prepare as much as you can, and solar power is a must for this demand.
If you are not a cow, you can buy the complete package at a reasonable cost, but you will save money if you buy components separately and assemble your own system.
Solar power is not all or all.
Look for use and you can find them.
Charger, calculator, watch, all kinds of things.
Trickle charging system for campers, trailers and cars.
All these things add up to add a lot of benefits to your life.
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Twice the time, your power will last.
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