Solar Power: Don\'t Buy The Wrong Inverter!

by:CTECHi     2019-11-26
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It\'s always a challenge to try to get the most out of your money, and building a solar system is no exception.
Terms can be confusing and we can easily be fooled when we try to compare norms.
The manufacturer\'s literature can be either optimistic or pure fantasy, but there is a way to protect yourself if you do a little research.
Product reviews these days can be written by professional reviewers who have never seen, touched or used the equipment they are reviewing.
This is unfortunate, but this is the case.
Even negative reviews can be fictional as suppliers seek to gain an advantage in competing products.
When I grew up, my father taught me not to believe anything I read, nor to believe half what I saw.
Now I\'m not saying things are so bad, but we all need to be careful about the fact that we accept.
We are all gullible.
One of the reasons is that we often want to believe in things that are not real.
This makes it easy for people who tell us what we want to hear to be prey.
So be careful and make sure you make the decision for the right reason.
If you want quality, the price is a secondary issue, and even the free one may not be very cost-effective in the long run.
Another major difficulty we can meet is self.
We tend to go too far if we want the \"best thing\" and while the results will be impressive, you often waste a lot of money.
You may end up spending your entire budget, only half the system you need.
You may also make the implementation and maintenance of the project too complicated.
It\'s best to make things as simple as possible and create maximum value for your dollar.
Here are some common pitfalls and strategies to avoid them: 1.
Poor inverter reliability if you decide to power your home with solar energy, it\'s amazing how the inverter stands out from each discount catalog.
You can see it everywhere.
The price changes a lot for a given power output.
Many of these devices are made in China for the competitive consumer market in the United States.
The main motivation is to sell many units at the lowest possible price.
They think what we want is cheap, so what they want is cheap.
This is OK for some, especially if their expectations or needs are not that high.
However, when you need to rely on the reliability of your device year after year, these cheap devices are not a good value at all.
The three companies that produce frequency converters with excellent quality and extremely reliable performance are;
Aohu power system, omnipotent, with Xantrex company.
The more complex the system is, the less reliable it is.
So I would suggest using the Xantrex Trace series TR3624 120-6024 v inverter.
These are usually less than £ 1,000.
Very reliable.
It is not a sine wave inverter, but it is very reliable and has excellent overload capability for starting the pump and other tricky loads.
I have used it personally for several years.
I feel sad when they are no longer available.
The unit is no longer supported by the Xantrex website, but they are still widely available. 2. Sine-
Waveform and corrected sine
The inverter has developed a lot.
They can be very reliable and provide better power output quality than the grid.
However, they cost twice as much as the improved sine wave inverter.
I only have 2 devices in my home and have any difficulty with my improved sine wave inverter, but I came up with \"working environment\" so no problem for me.
If your budget isn\'t tight then go for pure muscle exercise, but the other option is also good to save you money on other things you may need. . 3.
One of the things that power is getting better over the years is the ability of the new inverter to handle short-term loads far exceeds the power level.
Pumps and Other motors like refrigerators or freezers can require a lot of power to start.
Once started, the demand for electricity reached a manageable level.
The ability to deal with motor start-up problems is an important consideration.
Another benefit of business
Rated inverter is the rating you can trust.
These cheap products tend to be misrated and simply cannot be expected to provide the power indicated by the manufacturer.
We can run our house in a 3600 Watt Xantrex inverter.
We have a fridge and a small fridge for 10 cu/ft.
I \'ve been using my desktop all day and my wife has been on her desktop a lot too.
We have a well pump that runs regularly, a big microwave and lights are everywhere in the house, so our home is normal for a family of four.
We have a 24 v system with an average power consumption of about 1,000 watts.
Electricity consumption fell to 225 watts overnight.
1KW is almost the correct power output for the maximum efficiency of the model Xantrex.
Our peak power requirements are higher than the rated power, but the whole system works well and has been in operation for many years.
Please note that we do not have a stove that increases the average power requirement.
I quote my personal experience so you can see that a 4KW inverter that doesn\'t look too big can reliably provide enough power to run the home.
If you need more power than I do, you can always add another inverter to work in series.
If you need more power, make sure the device can be connected in parallel or stacked. 4.
What is added in addition to the 120vac output, Magnum Energy, and other power supplies that provide segmented single-phase inverters (120v-0-120v)
Each winding has half the power.
The 3600 w Xantrex inverter can be \"fixed\" with a special adapter, providing 7200 Watts in the same split-phase format.
Outback Power Systems and Magnum Power offer the same functionality as a variety of products.
When you purchase an inverter system, you need to consider it in advance to make sure you are not in trouble and there is a migration path to increase the capacity of the system in the future.
You can also use an automatic converter to convert 120 v to 240 v, which is the way we power our submersible pumps in the well.
We also use another Automatic converter to get power from the generator at a voltage of 240 V, which is easier and reduces the voltage of the inverter/charger to 120 V. 5.
Why not use 12 v? What voltage is the best 12 v is great for camper or car home, and for families with a power requirement of less than 3000 watts.
The reason needs a little explanation, but the problem is the wire size and power loss.
The power formula is P = IE, where P is watt power, I is ampere current, and E is voltage.
Note that if I reduce the current by half and double the voltage with the same power.
To understand the power loss in the wire you added in Ohm\'s law, you can modify the power formula to P = I ^ 2 * R where P = power (in watts) R is an ohm resistor.
The biggest factor in wire loss is current.
For a given resistance value, the power loss in the wire increases the square of the current.
If the current through the wire doubles, the power loss will increase by 4 times!
At 12 V, the power lost in the cable is 4 times that of the same cable in the 24 V system.
To provide the same power, it has twice the current at 12 v as at 24 v.
That\'s why the real power solar unit (over 8KW)
Use 48 V or even 96 V.
I think it is wise to keep the battery voltage as low as possible, although you can see that higher battery voltage will reduce the loss. Here\'s why;
The DC arc is not extinguished.
This means that you don\'t want to stop once a DC arc is established!
To illustrate the advantages of using a 24 volt voltage, let\'s build a 24vdc lamp with an example that works when the inverter is turned off.
I would like to use a properly fused DC circuit which includes the normal light switch I purchased from the hardware store.
I see on the switch that it has a 32 v DC rating as well as a 120 v AC rating.
It should work very well.
If my voltage is high (48v to 96v)
The battery system is in trouble without finding the switch.
If I use a standard light switch, I may run into a fire hazard ,(
Or at least a very short Switch)
Because the switch may not be able to stop the arc once it is established.
Two 12 v batteries are connected in series, 24 v.
4 batteries are required for 48 v and 8 batteries are required for 96 v.
This means that the cost of upgrading the battery pack is much higher as the voltage increases.
More batteries, more lines, connectors, etc. are needed.
The 24 volt system can be upgraded more easily if larger capacity is required.
The high voltage DC system increases costs and reduces flexibility.
The decision to use 24 v is a good decision for me.
Higher voltage is good, but gives you less choice and more expensive battery system. 6.
A physical installation problem inverter is usually used for wall installation, or is installed in a housing or installation system designed by the manufacturer.
I really like the inland multi-inverter installation system, but there is a way for all the companies to install against the wall somewhere.
The concrete wall in the basement is ideal.
The room should be reasonably open, cool and well ventilated.
Make sure the correct fuse is broken and the high quality battery is disconnected.
It is good to keep the wire short and use a large 0000 (pronounced 4-ought)
High quality welding wiring, easy to buy in welder supply room.
It is flexible enough to find important routes easily.
They will also have terminals, curling tools and other things you may need to complete the system cabling.
The wire can be fixed to the wall using a pipe hanger.
Reiterate this when everything is said and done and you need a reliable and worry
A powerful, efficient and easy-to-maintain free power system.
Try not to buy junk, make sure you can handle high loads for the short term, and make sure you can scale your system if you need.
If you need a part or repair, verify that the service center is available.
This is a great way to verify that companies support their products.
Try your best to be objective and remember your future needs when you make your choice.
The transaction of something you don\'t need is not a transaction.
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