solar battery technology

by:CTECHi     2020-09-10
The solar revolution is happening all over the world.
People realize that they can easily change the way power is created.
For two centuries, almost all forms of energy in the world have relied on fossil fuels, mainly coal and oil.
It lights up our home, powers our appliances and drives our cars.
Unfortunately, fossil fuels release energy by burning.
This power can drive the turbine to turn the explosion into electricity, or it can move the wheels of the car for transportation.
Burning anything will release all kinds of gases to the air, especially carbon dioxide.
Carbon dioxide is critical to the health of the planet, but in order for life to flourish, a strict balance must be maintained.
This balance has been threatened due to the amount of cars, trucks, buses and planes and coal that operate on a daily basis
Generating electricity.
Ordinary people, not just scientists, have begun to learn and really notice how it affects the weather and the environment.
Many ordinary people take action by using and promoting alternative energy sources such as solar energy.
Solar energy is an effective way to take advantage of solar energy, something plants have been doing for millions of years.
It\'s cheap and reliable and can generate incredible power, but only during the day.
This is where solar energy is having problems.
It can generate more electricity during the day than the average household uses.
Most houses use less power during the day and less power in the summer, which is the peak of solar panel power generation.
In order to be effective, this power must be stored in some way.
A popular way to store solar energy is to connect solar panels to existing power grids and effectively turn them into a huge solar cell.
This allows the excess energy to be sent back to the power company and actually makes the meter run backwards.
In the evening, get electricity from the grid as usual.
This is only as reliable as the existing grid.
Any power outage will still affect these solar panels-
Ups, but no rechargeable battery is required.
As we all know, rechargeable batteries have short life and are expensive.
They either have long low-power streams with good capacity or short-time high-power streams with poor capacity.
Typical batteries, especially lithium-ion batteries, have high storage capacity, but weak output capacity and slow charging speed.
The ideal solar cell is capable of fast charging, has a high density of storing power, and is able to transmit as much power as possible as needed.
This ideal combination was not possible until recently with the battery.
Only through the research of nanotechnology can this goal be achieved.
Researchers at the University of Maryland have developed a way to make very powerful, very dense rechargeable batteries using nanotechnology.
Individual components look surprisingly like a photovoltaic panel that is only a few thousand times smaller and they are their own
Automatic assembly
Copy and align yourself.
There is no mechanical process that can reach something almost as small, which also helps them with a relatively low cost.
They are still in trial and trial stages but should be widely produced and implemented within a year.
The ability to store energy from the sun and wind will soon make fossil fuels obsolete and mysterious.
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