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by:CTECHi     2020-01-02
Smartphones have come a long way over the years.
Whether you are talking about audio quality or high audio quality, they are getting better gradually
End graphics or touch-
It also made them very interesting game machines.
Users buy smartphones based on features that meet their needs.
Enthusiasts will look for the best sound effects, and movie lovers will pick the best phones on the screen.
The reporter hopes to have a better gaming experience in his hands.
But our phones have room for improvement, which is why there are a lot of players who are not happy with the experience of playing on our phones.
If you\'re tired of watching those little characters under your thumb while playing the game, then buying the right smartphone game accessories can have a big impact.
We looked at some affordable but eyes
Smartphone accessories designed to improve the gaming experience.
Not only did we look at the game board, but we also looked at additional features like headphones and battery chargers because the experience was more than just buttons.
The controls are fantastic, and some very unique games have come up with these new controls.
But when you want to play the old school game
There\'s nothing better than the controller you can control.
This is our selection.
IPhoneLogitech is a company known for its PC mouse and keyboard accessories, which recently launched Logitech Powershell game controllers.
The cost of the equipment is about Rs.
6,300 online, in addition to providing an excellent gaming experience, it can also be used as a smartphone to extend the battery with an additional 1500 mAh (
Almost the same as the iPhone 5S when the battery is 1570).
Logitech is using Apple\'s new Bluetooth protocol and the game can only be used with the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5 generation.
Logitech Powershell game controllers look like stretch versions of the iPhone 5/5S, or squarer versions of the Sony PSP.
The navigation keys are included on one side and the different \"x\", \"y\", \"B\" and \"a\" function keys on the other side.
IOS devices (
Fifth generation IPhone 5/5S or iPod Touch)
Located between acting as screens and connected to the game handle using the Lightning port.
The game handle also includes a 3.
5mm headphone slot, so you can connect the headset without removing the controller.
People can even call to access other features of the smartphone, such as listening to music or taking pictures, locking/unlocking the phone and so on, while keeping the game handle installed.
MOGA Pro Controller for Android 2.
Due to the MOGA Pro Controller for Android 2, the reporter believes that most players should be aware that MOGA is a brand. 3+.
While Logitech Powershell is only for iOS, Android users can try the MOGA Pro Controller, which is easy to justify the price tag that comes with it.
The cost is around Rs.
3,700, MOGA Pro Controller for Android is a console-
Type controller with a flexible smartphone holder for connecting the phone horizontally to the top of the controller.
The bracket can accommodate up to 3 units. 2-inches width.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is 3 for reference.
12 inch wide and 2 Micromax Canvas 4. 87 inches wide.
The controller looks like a Microsoft Xbox One controller and looks comfortable in a long game session due to its rubber handle and stays better.
In addition to the comfortable grip and buttons, the MOGA Pro controller can also be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth without wires;
Not only smartphones, but also tablets.
A tablet stand comes with the device package.
When it comes to batteries, the MOGA Pro Controller for Android comes with an internal rechargeable battery that can be charged via a USB connection.
However, controllers can be a disadvantage for those smartphones running Android OS versions below 2. 3 Gingerbread.
Also, while people can carry Logitech Powershell controllers with them as they are truly portable, it\'s a bit difficult to carry the MOGA Pro controller due to its bulky design.
Sound mobile monitors have become bigger and better over time, but these speakers are still small.
If you really want to enjoy the game then you need to have headphones.
Our choice is balanced, allowing you to wear them comfortably for a long time and enjoy every shot, but still no need to spend a bomb.
Skullcandy S6 hsdz-072 Hesh 2.
Head phoneskullcandy is famous for his fashionable young people.
Design-oriented headphones and top-notch headphonesof-the-
Audio quality.
Skullcandy\'s S6 hsdz-072 Hesh 2. 0 is one over-the-
The reporter recently got the headphones. The Hesh 2.
0 starts with Rs.
2,900 provides audio quality worthy of its price tag.
The headphones are white.
The modern design of color is one of its attractive features.
Month of Skullcandy Hesh.
0 headphones come with a surround design that allows the ears to cover from both sides to prevent any sound leakage.
The soft leather touch ear rest allows the user to keep all the gunshots, racing noise and other game audio levels on their own.
The only downside is that it\'s a wired headset, not a wireless one.
In addition to providing natural vocals, high accuracy, good acoustic effects and total harmonic distortion (THD)of 0.
1%, Hesh 2.
0 weighs about 180 grams, which is really convenient to carry.
The headset also comes with a small bag made of soft silky material. The white-
However, the color bag gets dirty faster than you think.
Month of Skullcandy Hesh.
0 The headset is worth a try for the price tag it carries, unless the user wants to choose a cheaper but equally good option, which has been discussed below. JBL Tempo In-the-
Ear j0xr HeadphoneJBL is an American electronics company known for its audio speakers and headphones.
JBL Tempo j0xr is like Skullcandy Hesh month. 0, is an in-the-
Ear-designed headphones have rocked the reporter\'s eardrum with its powerful audio level.
Price tag with Rs or so.
1,500, JBL Tempo J01R looks like any other-the-
Headphones, but flaunt a very thin rubber line, with a smartphone club through regular 3. 5mm gold-
Jack, make it light, durable and beautiful.
Personally, the reporter has been using it for months, and it still offers a perfect balance between high and low.
The audio sensitivity of JBL is slightly lower than that of Hesh 2 of Skullcandy.
However, one will get an extra earbud of different sizes, which is Hesh 2. 0 package missing.
There are also two variants of this headset on the market, they have almost the same features and styles
JBL J01B rhythm and JBL J01W rhythm-the-ear headphones.
The basic level provided by the headset is topof-the-
In addition, the soft rubber earbuds can help players to continue playing for a few hours without any unnecessary pain or irritation.
In addition to Skullcandy and JBL, there are a variety of headphones that can prove to be a good smartphone game accessory, however, these are the most suitable games that players can find without spending too much cash.
When you play the game, the battery of your mobile phone will be dead.
That\'s why Logitech Powershell has built-in batteries.
Battery Backup must be provided for the game. EViO EUP -13000-
M13000B 13000 mAh power bank if you are looking for a power bank that is running continuously
If you are playing a game like XCOM which can take some time then you will also need an additional power Library.
When the EViO\'s battery is 13,000, it even comes with a built-in flashlight for some reason.
One drawback is that it takes a long time for the battery to fully charge.
Still, near Rs.
The 2,399 charger is a very reasonable price option and comes with-
This is also a reassuring one-year warranty.
The device comes with two USB ports, so you can use it to keep your Android phone and MOGA controller up at the same time, if you want.
Battery Charger for portable smartphone
Today, smartphones consume faster batteries than any other device running the latest HD graphics card --
Enable the game with fine detailed audio.
As a solution, iBall in India
The iBall PC2204 Power Bank portable battery charger, based in IT and electronics, is designed to extend battery life and keep gamers for a longer period of time.
The price is around Rs.
1,050, the iBall PC2204 Power Supply Group is a smooth shaped bar-
Like a metal device with 2200 mAh lithium
Ion batteries, capacity found on many tops
Smartphones are over these days.
The portable battery charger has a Micro usb slot and a Micro usb slot, with a battery life cycle of 500 times.
In addition to the LED indicator, this portable charger can support many devices of major brands such as Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and Micromax.
The charger also supports MP3 and MP4 players, portable speakers, and Bluetooth headsets.
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