Simplo Technology CEO self-promotes with analysis of Li-ion cell biz: Sung pitched corporate strengths to Chinese automakers at recent conference in Taipei.

by:CTECHi     2020-03-27
Take advantage of his main position on the court
F. Ion battery DepartmentH.
Sim, Chairman and CEO of SimCell technology Co. , Ltd.
Recently, he highlighted the strength and capabilities of his company in lithium for electric vehicles
At a recent cross-sectoral meeting, an ion battery business delegation of about 100 executives from all major automakers in China
On November, cross-Strait cooperation and exchanges in the automotive (including battery energy storage) industry. 23-
Taipei International Conference Center is 2009 kilometers away, and the current electric vehicle lithium-
The ion battery industry, while expressing his leading ambition in charging, has replicated Simplo\'s efforts in the field of lithium for laptops worldwide
Battery market.
The obstacles still exist, there are more technical barriers to removal and external variables, and electric vehicle batteries still need to meet many of the strict requirements [3], Song said? ?
] Improved safety, fast charging, longer charging cycle or longer battery life, lower self-efficacy
Discharge, higher power-
Density, higher energy
[Density and affordability? ?
More popular. Lithium-
Ion battery manufacturers around the world are actively working to find separate solutions that meet the above requirements
The requirements mentioned reflect their confidence in the promising potential of this battery for the next 10 to 20 years.
The optimized solution is mainly from selecting the right material to manufacture the anode of various lithiumion batteries.
At present, the mainstream negative materials of electric vehicle batteries include lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion batteries and lithium-ion batteries. x-
YNixMnyO2 or whatever-called tri-
Song said that the first two components are more used in the battery anode of electric vehicles, and more components are used by portable consumers. electronics;
Most cathode materials are graphite materials. based.
The chairman continued that each anode material has unique structure, features and advantages.
For example, life4has a better thermal stability but a relatively low energy-
Unit volume and energy of density meter-
Unit weight density: 130-279 Wh/L and80-
130 Wh/kg to 250-
320 Wh/L and 100-150 Wh/kg.
In addition, he ordered-
The olive structure and the spin structure of the latter.
As the leading lithium
Sim said: \"Simplohas tested almost all available power batteries from companies around the world worldwide, and we know what works well according to the needs and specifications of our customers.
Song said, lithium
The ion battery market is dominated by manufacturers in five countries: A123, johnson\'s control, EnerDel, Boston Power and other US companies. ;
Chinese mainland manufacturers such as BYD, Amperex Technology, Tianjin Lishen Battery, BAK, Coslight and ATL. ;
Toshiba, Panasonic, Sanyo Sony, NEC and other Japanese companies. ;
As LGC, SBL and other Koreans. ;
Taiwanese companies such as Bluebird, Amita Technologies, Molicel, Phoenix Silicon International.
Now lithium is not available to everyone.
The ion battery market is disorganized and many small companies have joined the game without meeting uniform specifications, sizes and performance standards.
\"Simply put, I think only 10% of the existing battery manufacturers are able to survive, not the battery manufacturers.
No amateur can make good batteries, especially overnight, because businesses need to invest heavily and cut back --
Edge technology.
Electric vehicle power still faces many challenges
Mobile phone manufacturers and games are one of the natural consumption, and there may be very profitable returns, Song said. hards.
If the electric car battery market is a maze, it will be an understatement.
Except for the above-
The problems mentioned, the market is also facing other challenges because excessive cell types lead to low uniformity and mutualcompatibility;
There is a huge gap in product quality and durability;
Product development start-up, certification, high cost of production line;
Low production and production flexibility.
In addition, due to high production costs, Li Yang
Ion batteries are becoming more and more popular because there are too many anode materials that are difficult to pack into batteries.
\"The basic way to fully tap the high-level --
Potential threats
\"The battery market is standardized and all manufacturers are urged to work in this direction, in particular, to standardize anode and cathode materials, sizes and packaging,\" said the IEA.
Only standardizing can improve the performance of powercell, and manufacturers can realize the economy-of-
Effectively reduce the cost of equipment and manufacturing, and stabilize the quality. \"All-
Round tip criticaltro thinks battery
Packaging suppliers will play an increasingly important role in the electric vehicle industry, as they will not only solve the energy storage problem, but will also solve the technical problem of power management to make electric vehicles more energy-efficient.
Efficient, safe and economical.
Song explained: \"It is crucial to have a capable battery wrapper in the electric vehicle market, because players have
Provide expertise for electric vehicle manufacturers in finding and selecting the right batteries;
Design and develop comprehensive capabilities of customized batteries for electric vehicles used under different conditions;
Manufacturing technology for high efficiency and high quality batteries. [? ?
] As any savvy businessman, Craig continues that he has never deviated from the main goal of his own operations, saying: \"Simplo is expected to meet the increasing challenges in the electric vehicle business, because the company has extensive experience in providing hundreds of millions of battery packs for different industrial applications, with international certification, the production line is highly automated to ensure quality and control costs.
\"In addition, a truly viable supplier of battery packs must be able to be wide-
Various electric vehicles including 24 V or 36 V electric bicycles;
36 V/48 v electric scooter; HEVs, 144V-
336 V for electric vehicles;
336 V to 385 V for battery electric vehicles;
And 570 V to 660 V e-buses.
Optimal battery-
The packaging solution depends on the battery management system or BMS and should be developed by the knowledge-based battery Packers
While considering the cost/performance ratio, how to use a variety of power batteries according to customer requirements.
In addition, skilled battery Packers need to have a thorough understanding of the communication compatibility of the CAN/LIN bus with other electric vehicle systems (excluding electric vehicles)
Bicycles), protection and heating at the same time
The development and coupling capabilities of the heat dissipation system are equally important.
Song said, \"the era of idealism has matured, and the opportunity to develop the electric vehicle industry has matured.
Set up business unit-of-
So companies can build core competencies by finding the right place, or in other words, build a comprehensive supply chain.
A comprehensive electric vehicle supply chain includes at least four links: material manufacturers that produce anode and cathode materials, insulation boards, electrolyte, electrodes, etc. ;
Handle all steps of battery production, packaging and inspection;
Battery pack supplier handling battery test/certification, selection, BMS design, module design/durability certification, module production/product inspection, safety certification/fault analysis. ;
Integration with electric vehicle manufacturer processing system, propulsion system assembly, vehicle assembly/certification.
Song said that in his promotion, Simplo runs two companies.
Package facilities in China, small electric vehicle batteries available for each
But it\'s big. variety.
Once the economy is realizedof-
Industry emphasizes that Simplo can build production lines in a manufacturer\'s factory or joint venture, believing that such a cooperative strategy can build a win-win situation
In order to promote the development of the electric vehicle industry, it has won a favorable situation for PLO and electric vehicle manufacturers.
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