simple bots: rolly

by:CTECHi     2020-05-04
The inspiration for this simple robot comes from the artist James rouweiler\'s work, colony, in which a strange group of people
Self-shaped ellipse
Move forward in their environment.
As far as I know, his robot was made by freely placing the vibrating motor inside the foam plastic ball that was coated at that time to make its shape irregular.
This dynamic makes his sphere fluctuate between shaking in place and moving violently in the room.
While it\'s a cool interaction, what I\'m more interested in is making something that is more regular in sports and able to roll steadily.
For this I created the Rolly Bot.
To put it simply, Rolly is basically an overkill
Tennis size, more than one
Size bristlebot placed inside.
This allows Rolly to scroll in any direction inside bristlebot, so choose to drive. You will need:(x1)An over-
Tennis size (x1)
AAA double battery stand (x2)AAA batteries(x1)
Vibration Motor **(x1)
Small wipe brush (x2)Zip ties(x1)Cutting pliers(x1)Razor blade(x1)
Coping or hacksaw (not pictured)(x1)
Paper ** my vibration motor comes from the back massager in Walgreens.
You can learn to do it yourself here. (
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This will not change the price of any items for sale.
However, if you click on any of these links and buy anything, I get a small commission.
I reinvest this money in materials and tools for future projects.
However, you can obviously get the items as you like. )
Remove the handle from the wash brush with a cutting clamp.
The surface should be completely flat now.
Trim any remaining plastic using a cutting clamp.
If this proves too hard, you can cut off any plastic stub with a saw (or hacksaw).
Put the battery into the battery box.
Put a small piece of paper between one end of the battery and the battery seat.
When we make an electrical connection in step 5, this paper will prevent the motor from turning on immediately.
Put the battery box on the brush and the motor on the battery box.
The zippers tie them together.
This may take a bit of patience, but it should be good once you get the teaching of the first draw.
Twist the black line on the battery terminal to the black line on the motor.
Next, wrap the red wires together with the remaining wires of any color.
This is usually a red line, but in my case the wire from the motor is blue.
Color does not matter because the DC motor should normally be able to rotate regardless of the direction in which the positive and negative terminals of the battery are connected. (
If the motor does not have the wires coming off, weld the red and black wires to the power lugs. )
With your blade, carefully cut a gap large enough on tennis to get bristlebot through.
Through the gap through the bristlebot.
Pull the blue label from between the battery and the bracket and turn on the power of the motor.
Your robot should now be able to scroll freely according to your choice.
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