Simple Battery Holder for Coin Cells

by:CTECHi     2019-12-15
Small coin batteries are both cheap and useful, there is a big problem, how do you connect them?
You can purchase a cylindrical bracket with a wire to facilitate the connection to your item, but this is not the case with the holder for the coin battery.
Here is a very simple solution to power small projects using coin batteries.
This holder can work with almost all of the coin or button batteries and even use the miniature hearing aid battery.
Due to the low cost, this method is ideal for the manufacturer camp and other children\'s activities.
The material needed will be spring clothes, some hooksup wire (
24ga is a good size)
About 3/8 \"heat shrink tubes (
The best model with inner glue)
And some conductive foil.
The tool you need is a Dremel tool with Chuck and little bit (
24 ga line use #60 bits)
, Heat source for shrink pipe, and soldering iron with welding. A small drill-
The news will also be a great way to drill the holes needed.
Use small drill bits to drill holes on both sides of the clothes.
Try to center in the flat area of contact on both sides.
Cut two wires to the length that suits you.
The combination of red and black is a good choice for positive and negative.
Peel off about 3/4 of the insulation from each wire.
Use soldering iron and soldering tin to screw the wire together and on the teeth.
Insert each wire into the hole on each side of the cap.
Close the wire and fold it forward.
If the size of the hole is appropriate, the insulating material should not be able to enter the hole.
This is a good tight assembly.
Use a copper band or similar material to cut small pieces and apply to the inner surface on each side.
No foil is needed, but it does provide a better contact surface.
It also helps to protect the wires.
Cut two heat shrink tubes about 3/8 long.
The best tube is The Shrink tube.
Sealing tube with internal heatmelt glue.
If you don\'t have a psychiatrist
Sealing pipes, fixing wires with hot dabmelt glue.
Slide a tube over the wire and around the clothes.
Shrink pipes with heat sources such as heatair gun.
Clamp the battery rack on the battery.
Put the front of the battery in red-
Wire side and negative side on black battery-wire side.
Please note that the stand will hold coins or button batteries of almost any size, even miniature hearing aid batteries.
The CR2032 battery is used in the photo.
This is a 3 volt lithium battery.
If a 6 volt voltage is required, just stack two lithium batteries.
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