Shanghai Nuomi became the first sales agent of lithium batteries in Shanghai in 2018

by:CTECHi     2021-08-21

In 2018, Shanghai Nuomei won the 'Fastest Growth Award' for Xingheng Agents in 2018 with a 506% increase in the turnover of lithium batteries! The editor went to Shanghai Nuomi Trading Co., Ltd. to explore the story behind this 'transcript'.

Mr. Wang Zhongren, Chairman of Shanghai Nuomi said: Nuomi and Xingheng have been cooperating for nearly 6 years. In the first 4 years, consumers’ understanding of lithium batteries With limited knowledge, Nuomi has encountered numerous difficulties and has not made a major breakthrough in sales. In 2018, Xingheng and Nuomi jointly sorted out sales channels and re-planned. First, Xingheng expanded the promotion of lithium batteries in Shanghai, held 17 core terminal meetings, and conducted lithium battery basic knowledge and safety knowledge training for terminal car dealers. Detailed explanation Advantages of lithium batteries.

Secondly, Nuomi expanded its sales scope, from selling 4812 lithium battery single product to 481X series, 482X series national standard products, and selling 602X series electric motorcycle lithium battery products, the whole series The lithium battery products match a variety of electric two-wheeled vehicles. At the same time, Xingheng has carried out terminal image construction for 46 stores, and actively guides major brand car dealers to promote lithium batteries. With the assistance of Xingheng, coupled with the new national standard for stricter safety regulations for electric bicycles, and major brands in the industry have increased the support of lithium electric vehicles, consumers in the Shanghai area have gradually begun to recognize and accept lithium batteries.

This year, the sales staff of Xingheng Channel Department took 13 salespersons from Shanghai Nuomei to various places including Jing’an, Putuo, Zhabei, Huangpu, Hongkou, Changning, 17 districts and counties in Shanghai, including Xuhui, brought Xingheng products to the terminal car dealers and explained 'lithium manganese oxide material safety, battery cell structure, BMS protection board independently developed by Xingheng, PACK safety and technical support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences'. The safety of Xingheng lithium battery allows car dealers to try Xingheng's products first, and then increase the purchase volume. At the same time, the quality of service is improved, such as increasing the speed of distribution and shortening the after-sales time.

Through their hard work, Shanghai Nuomi's single-year electric bicycle lithium battery turnover in 2018 increased by more than five times compared with 2017, becoming the No. 1 lithium battery sales volume in Shanghai in 2018. One of the agents.

In an interview, Mr. Wang Zhongren said that the reason why the promotion of lithium batteries was increased at that time was because he saw that the era of the new national standard had arrived. Xingheng Power is the leading brand of lithium batteries for light vehicles. It is the main drafting unit of the national standard 'Lithium Ion Batteries for Electric Bicycles' and the choice of 8 million users. The products have undergone 15 years of market verification and are safe and reliable. Xingheng is a distributor to promote The best choice for lithium battery brands. As for Nomi, we must seize market opportunities now, keep up with the fast-developing Xingheng footsteps, and bring the best lithium batteries to consumers. In 2019, Nomi plans to build a hundred core key car dealers in Shanghai. Rapid growth to achieve a win-win situation with Xingheng.

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