Sennheiser Took A While To Come Up With Some True Wireless Earbuds... But It Was Well Worth The Wait

by:CTECHi     2019-12-24
The Momentum True wireless earbuds for Sennheiser have just come on sale.
Sennheiser took a long time to produce a pair of real wireless earbuds, but the reason for this wait can be heard from the performance of these little miracles.
Like most real wireless earbuds, these power earbuds are packed in a box to ensure their safety, twice as many as the charging station.
There is a rechargeable battery in the box that can be charged for 12 hours and there is enough juice to fully charge the earbuds three times.
The charging station can connect to almost any USB charger which uses the usb c port . . . . . . Hallelujah!
Finally, we started to see the usb c standard on the wireless headset.
The usb c socket is stronger than the fragile micro USB and I really want more manufacturers to turn to this connection.
The box for the charging station is very sturdy, covered with tough fabric material, screen-
The senheiser logo is printed.
There is a strong magnetic buckle in the box, and the earplugs are placed in the box.
A magnet pulls each earbud into the charging hole, in which gold
The plating contacts immediately start charging each bud.
Left and right earbuds can only be installed in their docking holes in one way, so there is no problem with mixing left and right earbuds.
Unfortunately, there can\'t be something similar with contact lenses.
If you find yourself walking in the rain from time to time, these earbuds can resist IPX4 splashes, so don\'t be disturbed by a few water spots.
Once the earbuds are taken out of the charging box, they are turned on and immediately paired with any Bluetooth device they have already paired. First-
Time pairing is a simple example where each earbud is placed on it when sitting on the ear and waiting for the pairing process to start for 5 seconds.
Once the pairing is complete, the pairing happens automatically every time the earbuds are taken out of the box.
Unlike some Bluetooth devices I \'ve tested, which look very reliable and pair immediately every time I use them.
The earbuds themselves are quite small, each weighing less than 7 grams.
To put them in your ears, you just need to insert the earbuds into the ear canal and turn them back to 90 degrees so they can sit comfortably in the bowl of your ears.
I\'m not sure how senheiser\'s ergonomic Wizards designed the ideal shape of these earbuds, but fitting is the most comfortable I \'ve ever experienced, no degree of movement will remove them from my ears.
If you\'re worried that the real wireless earbuds will fall off your ears while jogging or walking, then don\'t.
These guys stay firm but don\'t feel uncomfortable.
There are also four sizes of silicone earmuffs to choose from to fit most of the ears, and I found that the maximum size earmuffs made the perfect acoustic seal to ensure a very good sound.
Each earbud has a metal plate with the Sennheiser logo on the outside, and more importantly, it acts as a control panel.
Left earplugs are used for music functions.
One tap pauses the music, two tap jumps to the next track, and three tap repeats the last track.
Long press on the left earbuds will reduce the volume.
Not all real wireless earbuds contain touch volume control.
If your phone or music player is in a backpack or coat pocket, it can be a real hassle to have no volume control.
The control panel of the right earbuds is used for telephone functions.
When the second tap completes the call, one tap accepts the call.
When holding your finger on the control panel increases the volume, the two taps reject the call.
You can choose to click on the correct earbuds, call Siri or Google Assistant if you want, in which case the phone can answer automatically.
Apparently, talking to callers, the momentum of TW earbuds includes noise
Cancel the microphone so you can hear the right sound.
As you expect
Sennhesier Momentum TW\'s microphone is a first-class microphone manufacturer and works very well.
TW earplugs are a single dynamic drive design.
The drive used in these special earbuds is one of the dynamic designs of senheiser 7mm.
I strongly suspect this is the same unit used in Super Topof-the-
Series senheiser IE800S earplugs.
Of course, the sound is similar. I am still surprised that such a small unit can make such a big sound.
The Sennhesier momentum TW earbuds support aptX (
Low latency version included)
As well as AAC and SBC Bluetooth codec.
The Bluetooth version used is the latest 5. 0 iteration.
I tested the earbuds with my iPhone and I also checked them with my MacBook and I can see that they are connected via a high quality AAC codec even though Mac OS now supports aptX as well.
However, AAC support is important for users of Apple\'s iOS devices, as aptX codecs are still not supported on iphone and iPads.
To help you get the most out of these earbuds, senheiser has developed a brand new app for iOS and Android called smart connections.
This app monitors battery usage and enables activation of transparent listening.
It\'s a feature that allows a certain amount of ambient sound to enter the earbuds so that if you\'re riding a bike or doing something that you need to be more clear about, you can be more aware of the surrounding sounds such as public announcements or traffic noise.
Another option is to cut off the music so that when someone talks to you, you can hear it more easily without having to take the earbuds out of your ears.
Finally, the app has a very nice graphic EQ that can set the tone response you like through the virtual joystick graphics.
It works very well and I would like to use it on more audio software instead of rigid EQ presets.
So let\'s look at the sound quality.
Now, I don\'t want to sound like some sort of gushing senaheiser fan, but in terms of tone quality, these momentum TW earbuds are the best real wireless earbuds I \'ve heard so far.
The bass is completely sublime and controlled, bringing all these lower sounds like kick drums, tubas and bass.
Each low note is separated to form a compelling stereo stage.
At the same time, the medium audio and video are as clear as the well-known ringtones, showing all the details of the music and perfectly supporting the vocals.
The treble is as smooth as possible, so many details can be seen from cy, triangle and higher guitar notes, but never to the point of severity.
If you used to think that the real wireless earbuds could not be as good as the cable earbuds, think about it.
These momentum TW earbuds are as close to perfect as possible in terms of sound quality.
The music sounds like I\'m listening to a whole game.
The size of the headset.
There is no sign of compromise.
These earbuds will convince me to switch to a smartphone without a stereo jack plug and end up completely wireless.
These earbuds are fully charged and provide up to four hours of listening time on a single charge.
It\'s enough for most people to even stay in the gym for two or three days.
However, this is not enough for transatlantic flights or commuting times of the week.
However, this is not a real problem because once you put the earbuds back into their charging station, their charging will start charging soon.
It takes only one and a half hours to charge from empty.
The only time that limited battery life becomes a problem is when you want to listen to it in one breath for more than three hours.
But when was the last time you listened to the headphones for more than three hours in a row?
Long-quoted battery life is great for audio that allows us to overcome mileage anxiety in electric vehicles, but in practice, especially in charging stations, it is not a real problem.
Conclusion: It took Sennheiser a while to come up with a true pair of wireless earbuds that the company is satisfied.
Sennheiser\'s Momentum TW earbuds use very good dynamic drives and amplification circuitry to produce a pair of \"almost non-existent\" earbuds, but it\'s good to create an amazing sound stage with a reliable connection level, all the time I tested them, I never experienced a drop-out or hissing.
If you avoid using a pair of real wireless earbuds because you want to reduce sound quality, then don\'t worry anymore.
These are rolls.
Royce of real wireless earbuds, although they are quite expensive, you can indeed get what you pay.
If you want real wireless earbuds and you don\'t want to compromise on the sound, then you can quickly audition a pair of senheiser powered TW earbuds.
I promise you will be impressed. Price: £279.
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