scooter mileage picks up with latest gas and electric scooters

by:CTECHi     2020-03-31
We \'ve been writing all kinds of scooters for years, but because of high oil prices, they are now seeing all kinds of revival.
30% of Americans say they will consider riding a motorcycle. -
We don\'t even think of some people. -
Motorcycle sales increased by 200% year on year (
That was two years ago)
Now seems to be the perfect time to revisit and integrate our past scooter coverage.
Here are our favorite electric scooters, including production models and concepts:
Shoot from a low angle with rhythmic music
In this promotional video: More on the Vectrix super fast electric ScooterVectrix electric scooter test drive, launched in November 2006: it really works!
On 2004, Honda electric scooter prototype Press Release: Honda announced the release of electric scooter prototype on IKOO electric scooter.
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