Sanyuan lithium battery is in a global emergency, who is the benchmark for battery safety

by:CTECHi     2021-09-04
Unknowingly, new energy vehicles have gone from being a rare high-tech product to a means of transportation that we now overlook. On the one hand, this phenomenon means that the public's acceptance of new energy vehicles has reached an unprecedented height, and on the other hand, it indicates that the number of new energy vehicles is bound to continue to rise. But it is precisely because of the continued increase in the number of new energy vehicles that we inevitably see more and more reports about the spontaneous combustion of new energy vehicles. Accidents happen frequently, what are the reasons? According to incomplete statistics, a total of 124 electric vehicle burning accidents were reported by the media from January to December 2020. At the beginning of 2021, Hyundai conducted a second large-scale recall of its KONA electric vehicles due to potential battery fires, covering approximately 33,000 vehicles. After the recall, Hyundai will completely replace its LG Chem power batteries. . A spontaneous explosion occurred in a GAC u200bu200baions electric car in the early hours of the 21st. And when we read the news reports about these incidents and the industry’s analysis of similar accidents, we can find that they emphasized the maturity of battery technology, but did not talk about the fact that most of the vehicles in the accident were equipped with Ternary lithium battery. But what they didn't expect was that this little trick of evasiveness and negligence would push the ternary lithium battery to the cusp of another storm. Can the recall crisis treat the symptoms and the root cause? Want to know whether the recall can treat the symptoms and the root causes, but also to start with the principle of ternary lithium batteries. As we all know, lithium batteries are named after the types of cathode materials. The most common ones on the market today are cheap, durable, safe, but low-power lithium iron phosphate batteries, and 'problem children' ternary lithium batteries. The “ternary” in the ternary lithium battery generally refers to the three elements of nickel, cobalt, and manganese. The higher the nickel content, the higher the “capacity” of the battery. This effect is exactly the effect of consumers and cars. What companies want to see. However, as the content of nickel increases, the content of cobalt and manganese will also decrease, which will reduce the thermal runaway temperature of the battery, allowing the safe building of electric vehicles to be built on an extremely unstable 'foundation.' Above, even if the number of subsequent recalls increases, it is difficult to correct its safety defects. If we take this conclusion again, examine the selection of branded products such as Tesla and Weilai in the domestic market, and the decision to suspend the operation of electric taxis, we cannot help but raise a question: if this continues, who will become a battery safety The brand to be recalled? Safety-oriented, there must be trade-offs. In fact, looking at this issue from another angle, we need not be so pessimistic. Because the specific shortcomings of the ternary lithium battery have all been presented to us, we only need to vigorously promote the lithium iron phosphate battery, and make up for the shortcomings of the battery life while exerting its high safety characteristics. Security is even better. In fact, domestic power battery manufacturers, such as BYD, have created a blade battery architecture with both safety and battery life based on lithium iron phosphate batteries, and conducted extremely stringent acupuncture experiments on them. The safety attribute is well-known overseas and has become a new benchmark in the global power battery industry. Its first BYD Han equipped with blade batteries, as well as the upcoming Qin PLUS and other models, have also received a surge of praise from the monthly sales of 10,000 yuan. It can be seen that only by focusing on safety and seeking long-term development strategies can new energy vehicles truly evolve.
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