sanyo to build new lithium-ion battery plant

by:CTECHi     2020-01-17
TOKYO (Reuters)-
Sanyo Motors, the world\'s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, said it plans to develop a new lithium-
By the middle of 2009, at the ion battery plant in western Japan, this is the latest step to focus resources on core business.
Sanyo did not disclose the scale of investment in factories that mainly produce PC batteries, but the Nikkei reported on Osaka-
The headquarters will cost about 20 billion yen ($190 million).
Sanyo also makes another lithium in Japan.
The ion battery plant is scheduled to be completed in early 2009.
The two factories will raise lithium in Sanyo.
The production capacity of ion batteries is increased by 30% to 90 million batteries per month.
A typical PC battery pack consists of several batteries.
With Sony and Samsung SDI Ltd in lithium-
Ion batteries targeting solar and rechargeable batteries are their growth drivers, and as of March 2011, the company has designated a capital expenditure of 125 billion yen for its rechargeable battery business. Its lithium-
4 of every 10 phones in the world use ion batteries.
With the help of Goldman Sachs, the shares of Sanyo, which is restructuring, rose by 2.
On Thursday in early trading 1% report 240 yen better than Tokyo stock market Motor index ielec. which fell 0. 7 percent. ($1=105. 83 yen)
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