sanyo presents \'eneloop\' - new battery to replace dry cells for the 21st century.

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Tokyo, Japan, November 2, 2005(JCN Newswire)-
Sanyo Motor Co. , Ltd. , Ltd. (TSE: 6764; NASDAQ: SANYY)
The world leader in rechargeable batteries has announced a new plan
A generation of nickel metal hydrogen batteries sold from November 14, 2005, \"eneloop \".
This is the first product based on Sanyo\'s new vision.
\"Eneloop\" is a product that advocates a new way of life --
No battery.
Once charged, it can be reused and recycled once fully used.
To promote this new battery lifestyle, Sanyo has developed the world\'s first * 1 rechargeable battery that can be used like a dry battery
\"Immediately after purchase \".
Based on the new vision \"thinking about gaia\", Sanyo pursues solutions for comfortable living and environmental considerations at the same time, and will continue to provide \"global energy solutions\" and \"lohas (
Healthy and sustainable lifestyle)Solutions\'.
Main features 1.
The new rechargeable battery has the characteristic of releasing a small amount of stored energy (
This phenomenon is called \"self \". discharge\').
This feature is particularly noticeable in rechargeable batteries such as nickel metal hydrogen batteries.
Compared with dry batteries, rechargeable batteries are therefore prohibited from becoming \"batteries that customers can use immediately after purchase \".
Therefore, the rechargeable battery cannot be used unless charged after purchase, so it lags behind the dry battery in convenience.
The main feature of this new product is that it has greatly improved itself.
Discharge characteristic (
According to the Sanyo study, the remaining ratio after one year of not using is 85% * 4 under the temperature condition of 20 degrees Celsius).
Through this breakthrough development, Sanyo has achieved a rechargeable battery that can challenge the dry battery of users.
Friendly pass function, such as use immediately after purchase or use immediately after charging, it can be used at any time.
Sanyo has been a market leader in nickel metal hydrogen batteries in the consumer market.
The synergy of the following proprietary technologies in the development of large-capacity products makes the successful development of \"eneloop\" possible: 1. high-
Performance negative electrode \'hypercrystal alloy\' 2. make-
Up 3 of battery material and panel.
Although not used for a long time, keep the quality, this is some technology that helps self-control
Discharge during unused battery.
Also, it will suppress voltage reduction even after a long outage. 2. An Environment-
Friendly products from battery to packaging, in order to reduce waste to as little as possible after the product is purchased, Sanyo has achieved ecology with this product
Friendly product design from battery itself to packaging. 1)
It can be used many times, eliminating the trouble of handling batteries. As a next-
A generation of rechargeable batteries, which can be \"used immediately after purchase\", once charged, \"can be used at any time\", \"eneloop\" can be used in all devices using dry batteries to date.
In addition, as a rechargeable battery, \"eneloop\" can be reused 1000 times * 3 times without the need to process the dry battery every time it runs out, it greatly reduces the trouble of \"storing and handling used dry batteries.
Therefore, it has made a significant contribution to the reduction of 70,000 tons of * 5 used dry batteries handled in Japan alone per year. 2)Environment-
Friendly design that is conducive to recycling and conservation of natural resources.
As rechargeable batteries, unlike dry batteries, \"eneloop\" has a recycling structure organized by industry groups.
Once used, collect \"eneloop\" like rechargeable batteries by installing the prescribed recycle bin at 30,000*6 e-retailers across the country \".
In addition, through an environment
Precious resources such as friendly design and nickel.
The efficient utilization and saving of resources are realized. 3)
Especially the use of the environment
Friendly and user friendly
Friendly Battery Tube and new packaging.
Sanyo has created a tube and external packaging that does not contain PVC.
The external packaging made with careful consideration of the environment uses recycled PET material, which is the only material, thus eliminating any trouble when dealing with garbage.
In addition, with the new original design of the battery tube and packaging, the battery pack is bound to change your image of the battery package.
Considering the repeatable use of the battery, the revolutionary design of the package makes the storage of these batteries more convenient after opening. 3.
Relatively more powerful, longer time
Longer than dry batteries. Superior low-
Temperature discharge performance.
The design of \"eneloop\" is to extract more energy than dry batteries.
Experiments on Sanyo digital cameras show that 4 photos can be taken using \"eneloop.
The picture is 4 times more than the dry battery * 7.
Even under low temperature conditions (
0 degrees Celsius)
When dry batteries are often difficult to generate electricity, \"eneloop\" shows superior power properties and longer power, making it a natural choice for outdoor use such as ski resorts. 4.
\"Eneloop\" is more cost-effective than dry batteries and can be used more than 1000 times.
Also, there is no need to worry about the memory effect.
By charging \"eneloop\", it can be reused 1000 times * 3 times, which is more cost-effective and efficient than using and throwing away dry batteries at one time.
In addition, the memory effect has only a small effect on the device it uses, so there is no need to worry about the memory effect.
1: According to Sanyo research, as of November, nickel metal hydrogen batteries on the market.
1, 2005*2: The number of Sanyo brand products based on Japanese sales is only * 3: battery life based on the test method established by JIS 8708 2004 (4. 4)(
Different depending on the conditions of use)
* 4: simulation test based on the remaining year of fully charged AA \"eneloop\" battery at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius (
Emission conditions: 740 mA (E. V. =1. 0V).
In addition, the products being used are the human resources of Sanyo3UF (Typ. 2500 mAh, Min. 2300 mAh).
* 5: Battery Association according to Japanese website * 6: According to JBRC website * 7: compared with Sanyo Alkaline Manganese dry battery (LR-6G).
Conditions: DSC-using Sanyo-
S4 digital camera
Take one every 20 seconds.
Use the flash every three times, turn on the LCD, room temperature.
However, depending on the camera and the conditions, the number of pictures will vary.
* 8: The actual capacity is determined according to the charging/discharging level determined by JIS 8708 2004 (4. 2. 1)
* 9: minimum battery capacity based on charging/discharging levels determined by JIS 88708 2004 (4. 2. 1)
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