samsung sdi sees strong lithium-ion battery market; shares hit

by:CTECHi     2020-01-13
SEOUL (Reuters)-
World number one Samsung SDI Ltd.
Monthly rechargeable battery manufacturer, expected global lithium on Wednesday
By 2015, the market for ion batteries will double, bringing its share price to a record high of nearly 6%.
Rechargeable battery makers, led by Samsung, LG Chem and Sanyo Motors, are betting on strong growth, thanks to growing demand from manufacturers of electric vehicles, smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronics.
Samsung SDI lists Apple and Samsung Electronics as its main battery customers, which forecast lithium worldwide
In 2015, the ion battery market will increase from $32 billion last year to $11 billion.
This estimate is more optimistic than some analysts predict, reflecting the prospect of rapid growth.
The battery industry for electric vehicles is growing.
Samsung SDI also estimates that electric vehicles will account for 7% of the global car market by 2015 and will rise to 17% by 2020.
Samsung SDI shares closed on the 4 th.
8% higher after climbing, up to 5.
Hit a new high of 8%.
The company said earlier this month that it plans to spend $0. 359 billion on battery production this year to boost production capacity.
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