Ryanair passengers forced to evacuate plane after mobile phone bursts into flames

by:CTECHi     2020-04-02
Passengers on a Barcelona Ryanair plane were ordered to evacuate after the phone caught fire.
As the plane prepares for a short flight from Boeing 737 to Ibiza on the ground, the passenger\'s equipment is charged by the battery pack.
Dramatic footage shows that it initially burned a hole in the plane seat and then was knocked down on the floor in flames.
As smoke billowed from the fire, the crew used the inflatable slide to organize an emergency evacuation.
The video showed some confusion, and the passengers were dropped their parachutes even though others did not clean up the slides.
One passenger, \"anthcarrio\", shot the fire and uploaded it to Instagram, adding: \"It looks like it\'s hard for us to go to Ibiza.
I have never seen so many people live there so scared!
The portable charger exploded in the same row I was sitting in.
The airline said: \"Passengers in Barcelona
On the ground of Barcelona, Ibiza flight was charged by the battery pack and encountered an emergency evacuation caused by the fire of the mobile phone.
\"All the passengers were safely evacuated back to the terminal and the crew handled the phone.
Ryanair arranged a spare plane.
Accommodate these passengers with minimal delay.
Ryanair allows passengers to carry two spare lithium-ion batterieson baggage.
\"In order to prevent short circuit, these devices must be protected separately,\" the airline said . \"
\"Battery terminals must be recessed or packed to prevent contact with metal objects, including terminals for other batteries.
Aviation safety experts have long warned about risks associated with portable electronic devices --
Battery chargers are also allowed on flights.
On February, a border airline flight from Orlando to Phoenix was transferred to Tampa during a similar fire.
During the climb, the passenger battery connected to the smartphone was lit, burning the owner who was knocked down on the floor.
On December, a passenger iPhone on a United Airlines flight from Barcelona to New York was accidentally crushed when the seat was tilted and caught fire.
Passengers are now warned not to operate the recliner chair if they lose the electronics in the seat mechanism and remind the crew.
According to the latest data from the Federal Aviation Administration, \"aviation/airport incidents involving lithium batteries transported as goods or luggage\" occur on average every 50 days.
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