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by:CTECHi     2020-03-19
Turning a home into a smart home can be a daunting proposal, especially in the early days of connected homes, where many platforms are trying to be number one1.
But in the years after the revolution, upgrading from traditional hardware to smart connected devices is easier than ever.
Let\'s start at the entrance point of your home, house or apartment.
You will most likely have a metal door ring, a classic wired doorbell, or a wireless ringtone connected to the alarm system.
Doorbell ring video 2 (
$169, initially $199; amazon. com)
I want to change that.
This is a wired or completely wireless solution with a view of what is outside the door.
It\'s 1080 p high.
HD camera, doorbell button, microphone, speaker, rechargeable battery and weather-
Design resistant.
All of these features make an attractive smart doorbell option on paper for $169.
Ring and SmartThings played the ringtone Video Doorbell 2 very well.
You might want to know what all of these features do.
The video doorbell allows you to see who is at the door and can talk to them without even walking to the door.
With a sports reminder, you can see if someone is not there, this is another set of eyes in front of your house.
I \'ve been testing ringtone Video Doorbell 2 for a few weeks and it\'s an explosion.
Let\'s see why this is a top choice.
With many smart doorbell you will need to hard connect the device with power to the transformer and chime.
This can quickly become a complex installation as you first need to have the right amount of wiring and proper connections for the right amount of voltage.
The video doorbell 2 for Ring also supports wired installation, but you need hard wired ringtones and 8-to 24-
Volt AC doorbell transformer.
I chose the wireless route through a 2.
4 GHz connection, Video Doorbell 2 will easily connect to your wireless network.
In addition, it will ring on the device where the ringtone app is installed, on the Amazon Echo, or on the wireless ringtone.
It gets power through a rechargeable battery pack that can easily slide in or out of the doorbell at the bottom.
If you are worried about it being removed, you can lock it in with a safety screw.
You can choose the wireless line, but it is simple and quick to install.
Be sure to charge the battery pack or you will sit for a while until it reaches 100%.
Using wireless routing, once you have selected the location to place the doorbell video doorbell 2, you will connect it to the wall using the included screws and mounting base.
No wiring is required as it draws power from the battery pack and is connected wirelessly to let you know someone is there.
All in all, it took me about 10 minutes to fully install the battery pack after it was fully charged.
The Wired setup is a bit complicated and does take longer to install.
You still need to choose a location for Video Doorbell 2;
In this case, it may exceed the original hard-wired doorbell.
So you can change the wires to the back of the new doorbell.
With this setting, ringing the doorbell will make it ring to smart devices and wired ringtones.
The Ring app for IOS and Android will guide you through the setup and be your main partner with smart doorbell.
It allows you to monitor system statistics such as the connection of the device itself and battery power, and in addition, notifications are received when someone is at the door or when motion is detected.
There is also considerable control over the doorbell.
First of all, you can customize its motion sensor.
So if you tell the ring that your house is facing the street, it can weed out cars that remind you of your business and drive past.
On the other hand, if you want to be notified every time you see something, it can do the same.
With the Ring app you can sync it with Amazon Echo so that when someone rings it they can say \"someone is at the door \".
If you don\'t have a wired ringtone and use video doorbell 2 in your wireless settings, this is a great feature.
While it\'s also an option, it doesn\'t need to buy a ringtone either.
This is an intuitive and simple application.
My favorite notice is when it reminds you that the battery is low.
This gives you the opportunity to take it out when you get home and let you minimize downtime when you want the ring to remain vigilant.
As with other smart home products, you will need to sign up for a plan, which is an additional cost other than the purchase of the product.
In this case, you will need to pay the price per month to access the old clips and re-view them.
It comes in handy and you may want it.
The ring will give you 30-
Try it out for one day for free, but after that, you will need to sign up for a ring protection plan.
Just one doorbell to protect the basic plan (
$3 per month or $30 per year)
Will do very well.
With several ring devices, you will need to protect the Plus plan (
$10 per month or $100 per year).
I\'m not quite sure if the Doorbell 2 will get in, but after a couple of weeks of testing I believe it\'s a reliable option.
First of all, for smart home products, the price of $169 is very good.
Easy to install and always-
The connection feature of the doorbell is essential for smart home products, and these boxes can be checked by ringing the doorbell.
While the bill for another month is never fun, $3per-
If you only have one doorbell, the basic plan for monthly protection will not be too bad.
Ringing Video Doorbell 2 is a great option if you \'ve been waiting to upgrade to a smart doorbell.
Note: The above price reflects the price tag of the retailer at the time of release.
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