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Vancouver MetroA Richmond-
Transport Canada-based companies have been investigated for allegedly failing to properly pack and Mark potentially flammable lithium-ion batteries prior to transportation.
On one occasion, a FedEx employee in Richmond allegedly heard two explosions in the back of his delivery truck and saw one of the 18 boxes of lithium-ion batteries shipped to Richmond International Technology. —
Also known as a doctorBattery —
Lift up from the shelf of the truck and start to smoke and eventually burn yourself out.
These allegations are included in the court documents used by the Canadian Department of Transport in September to obtain a search warrant for the company\'s Richmond office.
The company has not been charged with the crime, nor has any allegations been confirmed in court.
Lithium-ion batteries are used to power devices including laptops, smartphones and digital cameras.
They are considered dangerous goods by the federal government and various international regulators because they contain highly flammable liquids.
\"Transportation of lithium batteries is not a problem, regardless of the mode of transport, as long as they comply with the dangerous goods transport Act and its regulations and standards, Canadian transport department spokesman Kelly James said in a statement.
\"The Shipment of dangerous goods must clearly show the appropriate safety mark to indicate the properties of the contents and to meet the appropriate packaging requirements.
In addition, the shipping documents must accompany the goods and provide information about the contents of the shipment and how to get help when needed in an emergency.
\"The Transport Canada investigation Center conducted a survey of four batches of batteries to and from Dr.
Batteries, selling batteries for electronic devices such as laptops and electric bicycles.
A shipment from Dr.
The batteries of a company described in Hong Kong as defective laptop batteries were intercepted by UPS workers in Ky Louisville. , in May.
The file says one of the lithium-ion batteries is burnt when they open the package.
According to the rules of the International Civil Aviation Organization, damaged or defective lithium batteries cannot be transported by air, and doing so also violates the Canadian dangerous goods transport act.
Lithium-ion batteries allegedly exploded on the back of the Fed-
Former truck from Ryden Energy Co. , Ltd.
He was sent to Shenzhen, China. Battery.
The batteries used for electric bicycles were allegedly incorrectly marked as Low Powerper-
Hourly rating than the actual situation, thus avoiding more stringent packaging requirements.
An inspector from Transport Canada noted that the fire originated from one of the batteries and that before it was put out, the fire had passed through the metal casing and inside packaging.
Other incidents under investigation by Transport Canada involve the company shipping two batches of allegedly mislabeled and improperly packaged lithium-ion batteries to Alaska customers.
The goods were intercepted by UPS.
Transport Canada issued an announcement on 2007 warning that a lithium or lithium failure could cause an on-board fire
Ion batteries in laptops have attracted the attention of aviation regulators around the world. The U. S.
The Federal Aviation Administration recently published a list of 132 air incidents involving smoke, fire, extreme heat or explosions caused by batteries or batteries
Power supply equipment for the period March 1991 to October 2012.
On last September, a checked baggage at Vancouver airport began to burn in transit and eventually caught fire. Later, it was found that the source was two lithium-
Polymer battery pack.
Lithium-containing goods next month
The ion battery pack caught fire on a ramp at Toronto Pearson airport waiting to be loaded onto an Austrian airline flight. Dr.
Founded in 2006, Battery has sold products to nearly a million customers, including the Vancouver School Board, BC Hydro, Telus, Environment Canada and university B, according to its websiteC. Last year Dr.
Battery CEO Joshua Hoen was named finalist for the EY Pacific region\'s annual entrepreneur.
On Monday, no one at the company commented on the Transport Canada investigation.
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