review roundup: small and medium sized wireless speakers that go boom!

by:CTECHi     2020-02-12
The entire product line of smartphones, tablets, netbooks and laptops is equipped with speakers with minimum and minimum power.
Most headphones are not simple.
The following sets of speakers and headphones are divided into three categories: good and good.
The best audio devices in this review should serve you and your music collection well.
With these speakers, there should be enough sound to move around.
Note, though, that you may just burst out and dance. Good -
This is the case with good portable speakers and headphones.
They are reasonably priced and have enough technology and power to make them worth the money.
Wireless docking station-RCA$29.
When I first saw this combination FM radio alarm clock device working, it was like magic.
If you don\'t use Bluetooth or WiFi, it will amplify the sound from almost any smartphone or tablet speaker.
The USB port on the back can be used for charging.
Dream of cube Bluetooth speaker$34.
99 compact design, but durable with a rubber case, it is able to fill a medium size room with a lot of sound.
It transmits audio over a Bluetooth connection for about five hours per charge.
It can act as a speaker with an attached microphone and provides an auxiliary audio port for wired devices.
Onanoff omnipotent ~Headphones-$39.
These little red headphones are typical.
They are of high quality and noisy
Isolate earbuds with built-in headphones
Line microphone for phone calls, remote control that can be used to jump to the next track, Love: jack audio splitter can share music with up to four others with magnetic wire manager, keep everything clean and tidy. Better -
Better speakers provide more specifications than good speakers, and the cost of technology, style and engineering is slightly higher.
Auvio noise canceling headphones-$79.
Price, these noises
The Radio Shack of the noise reduction headset is not doing well enough.
A fairly low number of songs
Accurately reproduce the frequency effect or bass of classical masterpieces.
Open noise-
The cancel function increased slightly white noise at zero volume, but disappeared at about 5% level.
The round cushion covered my ears nicely with a suitcase inside.
Rise of lunma
Portable Bluetooth speaker$79.
This speaker is unique as it goes up about 1.
4 \"the audio power inside it is displayed vertically.
Compatible with Bluetooth 3.
0, 700 mAh lithium-
The polymer battery is a speaker with a control button on the back.
Mobile wireless speaker-portable speaker$69. 99At 2.
5 \"cubed, it has a simple look, but it is fun to choose from in a variety of colors.
The button is designed to touch-
It is sensitive to the face and controls the sound of 88 dB.
The battery lasts about 6 hours and can be automatically paired via Bluetooth.
Mini Speaker Lenmar-$89. 99Two 3-
This Bluetooth 2 is powered by watt.
1 supports wireless speakers with touch screen control at the top.
When the battery is 900, the function of the speaker is also equipped.
The device has a name like MiniBoom that produces a lot of audio on the go.
Research on ARS60-Acoustics$99.
This is the highest speaker in this review and works well in home and large office type environments.
Using a 10 hour NiMH battery at medium capacity makes it a portable battery.
While it is larger than those simple cube speakers, it contains 16 watts of audio power transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth.
Mashall main headphones-
Marshall\'s name is synonymous with professional audio devices, and their main headphones live up to this tradition.
They include a design similar to an amplifier and are completely foldable for storage.
The microphone and remote control are integrated on the main wire for mobile phones.
The bright white and soft ear pads provide the overall appeal.
Research on ARS70-Acoustics$129.
99 wooden cabinets around this Bluetooth-enabled wireless desktop speaker add a fraction of a notch to the 20-watt power included in it.
When the included USB port is able to charge the smartphone, the Cabinet helps to improve the bass level.
The auxiliary input port on the back works with the cable audio player. Best -
These speakers are the best in the group including innovative technology, design and craftsmanship.
Lenmar Thunder portable Bluetooth speaker for $129.
The 99 Thunderbolt speaker has four internal drives and a bass amplifier, which is small in size and heavy in weight.
The touch screen controls are integrated at the top of the device, similar to Lenmar\'s MiniBoom.
It is connected wirelessly via Bluetooth 2.
1, including 900 mAh lithium-
Polymer battery for easy carrying.
The function of the speaker and its ability to virtually enhance any hard and flat surface of the speaker make it the best choice for Lenmar\'s current range of products.
TYLT Tunz Bluetooth speaker with NFC-$149.
Tunz Bluetooth and NFC-enabled wireless speakers incorporate their brightly colored vibration-eliminating Silicon bumpers into a unique design.
A 2,800 battery for its two 3-
The Watt speaker is up to 20 hours at a volume of 50%.
The 1 Amp USB port on the back is capable of charging the smartphone.
Tunz is an eye.
Speakers capable of producing a proper amount of high quality audio.
AUVIO HBT6000 amplified Bluetooth speaker-$199.
This is the largest and best of the AUVIO series speakers.
It comes with 6, 10-
Watt drivers, a stylized Grill, easy-to-use buttons, USB ports for charging and sound emotion 3D audio technology.
In addition, the iTunes App Store and Google Play offer remote controls and auvio eq apps.
Research on ARAP50-Acoustics$179.
Acoustic Research\'s ARAP50 is the only speaker in the series with WiFi and AirPlay.
It can play music via iTunes library on iPhone, iPad or PC or Mac.
Set several ARAP50s for multipleRoom experience.
Two inside. 10-
Watt Speakers and USB ports for charging devices.
A free AR Connect app can help simple four
Step setting process.
For enthusiasts who want to hear voices in many places at the same time, this is a great choice.
Overall, the portable speakers that stand out in this review are BRV-1 from Braven.
It is sturdy in structure, can be used almost anywhere, and is able to charge a smartphone.
Thanks to its IPX5 waterproof rating, it keeps the music going even if there is water on the speaker grill.
The rubber case provides it with a unique design, and its 1,400 mAh internal battery has a rated playback time of about 12 hours. At $149. 99, the BRV-
It will not bankrupt the bank, but it will bring prosperity.
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The opinions expressed here are my own.
The photos are provided by the above companies.
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