Researchers develop ceramic electrodes: safer and more efficient lithium batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-07-27

According to the latest news, researchers from Spain's Carlos III University (UC3M) and the Scientific Research Council have obtained a patented method for preparing a new type of lithium-ion battery ceramic electrode, which is more efficient, cheaper and more durable than traditional batteries , And more secure.

Currently, lithium-ion batteries are the main electrochemical storage system in the field of electronic equipment and transportation.

Professor Alejandro Várez of the UC3M material synthesis and processing research group explained: 'Our patented new ceramic electrode is safer and can work in a wider temperature range.'


This is a method of manufacturing ceramic sheets through a thermoplastic extrusion die. Várez said: 'This technology can produce flat or tubular electrodes, and these electrodes can be used in any type of lithium-ion battery.' In addition, due to the relatively low production cost, it is easy to adapt to the current production process, so it will soon be realized. The next step of industrial application.

These ceramic electrodes consist of only active materials, which reduces the risk of degradation and fire at high temperatures (above 100°C).

The UC3MCONEX researcher from Université Grenoble Alpes, France, and another inventor of the patent, Jean Yves Sanchez, said: “For electric vehicles, this material is The invention is particularly important; because in the event of accidents and fires, conventional batteries may catch fire and are also difficult to extinguish. These new solid electrodes will not catch fire, so they help improve battery safety.'

During the peak period of power consumption, general commercial lithium-ion batteries usually overheat and even explode in some cases. The reason is that commonly used electrolytes contain organic liquid solvents that can be ignited, such as additives used to make electrodes.

Sanchez said: 'However, with our technology, no solvents are used in the manufacturing process. In addition, if they are compared with traditional electrodes, we can use this manufacturing The electrode obtained by the process is very strong and cannot be cut, which helps to improve the robustness of the battery.'

According to the test conducted by the researchers, the new electrode integrated Another advantage of batteries is their efficiency. Test results show that the capacity of a battery equipped with this electrode is almost several times that of a commercial electrode battery with the same density. And because this technology allows the manufacture of high-density electrodes (between 450 and 1000 microns), the storage capacity is more than ten times the capacity of current technology.

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