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by:CTECHi     2020-02-15
There are several ways to extend the battery life of your laptop, and the Inspiron 1526 battery is better than other batteries, in the general steps of keeping your laptop running longer.The lithium-Ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery, lithium ion can be moved from the negative pole to the positive pole when discharging, and can be moved when charging.The lithium-Ion \\ rbattery has a variety of performance, security, and cost features.
\\ Primary lithium battery, lithium-The ion chemical battery uses a plug-in lithium compound instead of the metal lithium as the \\ reletrode material.Lithium-Ion batteries are common as laptop batteries.\\ R they are one of the most popular rechargeable battery types of \\ r portable gadgets, such as laptops with optimal energy density, no memory effect, and slow charge loss when not in use.
In addition to consumer electronics, lithium-Ion batteries are also becoming more and more popular in military, electric and aerospace applications.\\ Research on RNow and traditional lithiumIon battery technology has made great progress in durability, energy density and essential safety.However, its cost is still high.Laptop lithium-Like all rechargeable battery packs, Ion batteries lose their charging capacity over time.
Because the new laptop battery is very expensive, especially the inspiron 1526 battery, it can save a lot of money by replacing a single battery inside the battery shell.However, rebuilding the battery sometimes doesn\'t work properly, so it\'s important to be willing to buy a new laptop battery if the program fails.If you are interested in it, you can see the instructions below for your reference.
The first thing you should do is let the laptop run out of battery completely.Turn off the laptop and take out the battery.Write down the model number on the battery to help identify the type of \\ rLi-The ion replacement battery you need to buy.
Then open a small part of the battery pack (at the seams) with a screwdriver or \\ rcraft knife ).Continue to pry the plastic housing moving around the edge of the router loose until the entire top is idle, which may increase your \\ r strength.After that, you have to write down the number of cells in the box.
Write down the part number and voltage information printed on the battery housing.Draw a chart showing how cells are arranged and how they are connected, or take a few photos to help reassemble.Next, you should purchase the correct number and type of replacement batteries from \\ reletecronic online store according to your battery model and battery specifications, such as hootoo dot com.
Once you get it, use the craft knife and \\ rwire cutter to carefully remove each unit as needed
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