Repair of lithium battery protection board

by:CTECHi     2021-07-16

Lithium battery is a very practical type of rechargeable battery in our lives. For lithium batteries, the protection function of charging and discharging the series battery pack is a kind of lithium battery protection board. Components, when the lithium battery is fully charged, it can even charge the voltage difference between the individual cells, which effectively improves the drawbacks of various series circuits. Today, the Chinese Chuangfa will introduce to you when this lithium battery protection board is broken, how should we repair it? Here are some of the following:

Voltage Bad or abnormal

There is no voltage or the voltage is very low. In this case, first we need to use the multimeter switch to select the 20v gear, and then use the electric pen to touch the negative electrode of the battery. If the multimeter shows no voltage or voltage Very low, indicating that the battery itself is a product of unqualified quality. Secondly, we can also check whether the positive and negative poles of the protection board are connected reversely. When the instrument is charging the battery, it is equivalent to forced over-discharge.

No charging

First of all, we still have to use the switch of the multimeter to select the DC 20v gear, and then touch the positive electrode of the battery with the red test pen or It is a protection board. If the multimeter displays the output voltage, we will analyze it according to the following conditions: Is there an output voltage? Is the cell voltage normal? If the above voltage is not normal, we can basically judge that the protection IC or MOS tube has been damaged. At this time, it is enough to replace these two components.

No internal resistance or large internal resistance

If the MOS tube has no internal resistance, we must first check whether the pins of the MOS tube are successfully welded, if After the welding is successful, there is still no internal resistance, and the mos tube must be replaced. If the internal resistance is too large, we must first use a probe to contact the protection board to see if it is in poor contact or over-oxidized. Secondly, we must also pay attention to whether there is more nickel on the battery. If the number of nickel on the battery is Too much will also cause excessive internal resistance.

No overcurrent or too much overcurrent

First of all, we have to check whether the branch of the overcurrent detection pin is disconnected. If this happens without disconnection, we must Consider replacing the protection IC. The above are the few tricks that the Chinese people create to solve the problem of damage to the lithium battery protection board. I believe that after learning this knowledge, everyone will quickly repair their own circuit boards. Of course, generally speaking, the protection boards of lithium batteries cannot be connected in series. Even if the protection boards are installed, it is difficult to solve the problems that occur once they are connected in series. You must master this common sense to make better use of it in your life. Lithium batteries, which can also make the life of lithium batteries longer.

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