rechargeable battery pack for arduino (with pictures)

by:CTECHi     2019-12-01
Hello, all ! !
You do a lot of work on the new prototype of Arduino, and after that you want to show this wonderful and revolutionary idea to your friends (or not)
Products you create!
About power and portability?
Where are you going to have an easy charging plug on the device?
In this case, you have to consider the battery pack when you need portability.
A simple solution I will show you is to use a portable charger (
Rechargeable Battery Pack)
Provide your device via USB.
It\'s not that expensive, it\'s very reliable even for some more adaptable final projects, and it\'s more eco-friendly than a disposable battery.
Better yet, you have a lot of options, there are different players on the market, rechargeable batteries with different energy/current capacity, and you can also charge your phone with them (
This is the main feature they sell)!
The last convenience and advantage is that they have been done with traditional USB ports, the standard on several Arduino boards.
View a list of video materials :-
01 x rechargeable battery pack (Li-
Ion battery/input: 5 v-0. 5 to 1. 0A/ Output 5V -1500mA to up)-
01 x USB cable for Arduino UNO (
USB Type A to type B)-
Picture of USB plug-
01 x USB cable for Arduino Nano (
USB Type A to Mini-A)-
Picture of USB plug-
Or depending on the battery pack connector and the USB cable from ArduinoFinally, all you need to do is connect the USB cable between the Arduino and the battery pack!
I don\'t see a lot of people using this solution, which is the reason to post this structure, but in fact, I think it is very simple and useful.
You can use the 1600 mA battery pack for a few hours as I did until you need to charge it, depending on how much mA your device is consuming.
I hope you like this tip.
Best regards, lagsilva13. Feb.
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