recalls this week: inline skates, heated gloves

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Roller Blade®In the undated photos provided by the Consumer Product Safety Board, The Tempest Inline can be seen. On Feb.
Month, recalled the pulley 2014 pulley®Due to the danger of falling, temporary shoes are lined up.
The company said the mounting holes on the boots and frames could be misplaced, causing the boots to be separated from the frame and posing a risk of falling. (
AP Photo/Consumer Product Safety Committee)
Because the boots can be separated from the pulley Holder during use, a series of pulley knives are being recalled.
Other recalled consumer goods include garage door opener and heated gloves, both of which are in danger of fire.
The following is a more detailed look: INLINE skates details: The recalled Rollerblade Temple is a high-performance training or racing skates in a variety of color combinations.
The brand name \"Rollerblade\" appears in several locations on each skateboard.
The model name \"Tempest\" appears on the back of the cuff and the model number appears on the heel side of each skateboard.
More information about a particular model can be found in.
Sold from December 2010 to January 2014.
Reason: the mounting holes on the boots and frame may be misplaced, resulting in the boot being separated from the frame and posing a danger of falling.
Event: no report.
How much: about 11,800 pairs.
To learn more: Call pulley USA 800-232-
7655, or visit www. rollerblade.
Com and click \"Product Recall\" in the lower left corner, or send an email to RCS @ Rollerblade.
For more information, visit com.
Garage Door Opener details: Genie, PowerMax 1200 and 1500 models and Genie Pro, TriloG 1200 and 1500 models, screw drive garage door opener.
The \"Sprite\" and model names appear on both sides of the opener.
The serial number is printed on the label located opposite the lamp.
The serial number of the recall unit can be found.
Sold from August 2011 to October 2012.
Reason: The Control Board will overheat and have potential fire hazards.
Event: Four reports of overheating of the control committee.
There were no reports of injuries.
How much: about 10,000 in the United StatesS.
8,000 in Canada.
For more information: Call 800-488-
9918 or visit www. geniecompany.
Click \"Recall Information\" for more information.
Details: skiing-Doo and Can-
Heat gloves and lithium-
Ion charged battery.
This glove is only black and has two lithium-
Rechargeable battery and charger.
Gloves are either for skiing. doo\" or \"can-
On the index finger and wristband of each glove.
The recalled product code can be found on the label sewn inside the glove.
Recall product code for Can-446247
446248 heated gloves for skiing
Doo heated gloves and 4880580001 lithium-
Ion rechargeable batteries sold separately.
Sold from August 2013 to February 2014.
Why: lithium in gloves
The ion rechargeable battery pack may overheat and cause fire hazard.
Event: Three reports of overheating when the battery is charged.
Of the two reports, property losses were small.
There were no reports of injuries.
How much: about 450 in the United StatesS.
More than 1,200 in CanadaFOR: Call the bomber entertainment products (BRP)at 888-638-
5397 or visit www. ski-doo.
Com and select owner center and Click Security recall for more information.
Details: STX Shield throat protector.
The throat protector is black and is engraved with the letter \"STX\" on the outer surface of the Protector \".
It has a silver screw attached strap on each side and bottom of the guard, connecting it to the hockey goalkeeper helmet under the helmet chin shield.
They were sold from September 2013 to February 2014 because: when hit by a hockey ball, the shield throat protector breaks or breaks, putting the user at risk of tearing.
Event: STX received a report of a broken shield throat protector reporting bruises and tears in the user\'s neck.
How much: about 4,000.
MORE: Call STX tollfree at 888-789-
7894 or visit www. stx.
Click \"recall \"--
For more information, please use the shield throat protector.
Toy details: Three-
A soft wooden block stacked toy specially sold in StorkStack.
Com in January 2014.
Each square Cork block has a different size: 2 7/8 by 2 7/8, 2 3/8 by 2 3/8 and 2 inch by 2 inch.
All the blocks are 1 inch high.
There are black spots on the top of the building blocks.
The package is marked \"6mo\" for children for six months or more.
Reason: small pieces of cork may break the block and pose a choking danger to young children.
Event: There were seven reports of debris falling off the Cork, including two reports of the child\'s mou mouth on the Cork debris.
There were no reports of injuries.
How much: about 720.
For more information: Call 877-394-
7774 or visit www. Aharvestcompany.
For more information, please click on the Cork stacker interceptor to set the recall.
Details: rescue equipment for resscyou crevasse of Mammut, batch number 12-12 and 03-13.
The broken rescue device is a pulley system for skiing and climbing mountains, which is used to lift skiers or climbers who fall into the broken.
Rescue device by blue-and silver-
After the completion of the mechanical lifting device, each uses a cam that grabs the lifting rope, so that the rope can only slide in one direction.
The lifting device is connected by an orange rope passing through the pulley.
\"MAMMUT resscyou\", the batch number is printed in white on the side of the blue rising device.
They are sold in outdoor stores in the United States. S.
Online on Canada and wwwmammut.
From June 2013 to January 2014.
Reason: the pull rope lock Cam may fail and cause the risk of death and injury during rescue.
Event: no report.
How much: about 70 in the United StatesS.
There are 80 in Canada.
More information: Call Mammut 800-451-5127. visit www. mammut.
Com, click \"RescYou Recall\" for more information or send an email to info @ mammutusa. com.
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