reasons for a problematic cell phone battery

by:CTECHi     2020-03-03
If you find yourself charging the battery in the morning and see in the afternoon or evening that the battery is dead, you have a cell phone battery problem on your hand.Fortunately, there are ways to correct this problem without having to buy a brand new phone;But first, it is helpful to understand the reasons behind the cell phone battery problem.Keep reading and inspire yourself why the battery in your phone doesn\'t keep charging all day long.
This is a little secret;Although mobile phone technology has developed rapidly in the past five or six years, battery technology has remained unchanged.Lithium-The cell phone uses ion batteries.Their life span is about two or three years.
They should stay motivated after they are fully chargedAt least a few days.But with all the new apps and operating systems that the new model phones have or can have, lithium-Continue to use ion batteries.If the phone is blueThe Tooth feature, which is most likely to open by default.
This uses the extra power most people don\'t need.The screen brightness is always set to the highest level by default.This is power, too.It is necessary for everyone.The phone runs multiple apps in front and back office that are not even used or known.
This is a major battery.
draining cause.
For all phone features and alerts, your phone is set to vibrate instead of using a ringtone.Mobile phone vibration requires more \"juice\" instead of making actual sound.High Internet usage and email usageDrainage practices.
Charging the battery by plugging the battery into the charger for a long time is not good for your phone.After charging, remove from the charger.Heat, cold, dust, precipitation, smoke and drop can cause problems with cell phone batteries and other parts of the device.Keep a shield on your phone at any time, reducing exposure to these types of elements and hazards.
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