questions and answers on lithium-ion batteries

by:CTECHi     2020-01-16
The lithium-
Ion batteries powered by Dreamliner aircraft have become the focus of an investigation into why the all-day air carrier aircraft was forced to land urgently.
The airline said that on the aircraft operated by ANA, electrolyte leaks and burn marks were found on the metal casing of the battery.
Here are some basic questions and answers about lithiumion batteries. Q.
What is lithium-
What are the ion batteries and their uses? A. A lithium-
An ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery in which lithium
During the discharge, the ion moves from the negative pole to the positive pole, and then to the positive pole when charging.
Lithium is a high
Active alkaline metal.
Because it is usually lighter than other rechargeable batteries of the same size, it is widely used in electronic products such as laptops and mobile phones.
Car manufacturers have recently started using lithium
Ion batteries for electric vehicles because they are lighter and more powerful than nickel
Metal hybrid batteries for hybrid cars. Q.
What are the advantages of lithium-ion battery? A. Lithium-
The ion battery has high power density and long service life.
They are also lighter.
The battery can be recharged because it is not recharged
Known as the \"memory effect\", in the process, other types of rechargeable batteries lose memory if they are not completely exhausted. Q.
What are the shortcomings? A.
Batteries are currently more expensive than conventional nickel
Cadmium and nickel
Mixed packaging of metal.
Excessive charging of the package generates heat, which in some cases leads to combustion. Q.
What\'s wrong with the Dreamliner battery? A.
Tatsuo Nishina, a battery technology expert at Yamagata University in Japan, said he was not aware of the specific situation, but overheating could be caused by defects in the battery itself or the electrical system it connects.
\"If you don\'t know the mechanism of lithium --
\"The design of an electrical system for ion batteries can cause trouble,\" he said . \". kh-
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