pros and cons of lithium ion batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-07-03
The lithium-
Ion batteries are very popular in various household electronic products.
They are common in items such as MP3 players, mobile phones, pda and laptops.
Similar to other technologies, lithium
There are various advantages and disadvantages of ion batteries.
Advantages: high energy density
One of the main benefits is the high energy density of lithiumion battery.
This brings high to the battery.
Although still kept in a relatively small size.
The compact size makes it a hot choice for the mobile industry.
Low maintenance-
It is not necessary to provide maintenance for batteries to maintain their performance.
Other types of batteries, such as nickel batteries
In order to maintain optimal performance, regular emissions are required based on the unit. Fast charging-the lithium-
The ion battery is charging fast. The time-
The fully charged frame is much less than a replacement on the market.
That\'s one of the main reasons why they are used for phones and tablets that need to be charged regularly. Light -
They are relatively light and small in size, making them a practical option in a wide range
Scope of application.
In addition to small items like mobile phones, they are also a popular choice for electric cars and golf carts.
In addition, they are commonly used in the aerospace industry. Low self-discharge -
Most batteries lose a certain amount of power after they are disconnected from the power supply.
But lithium
The discharge rate of ion batteries is much lower than that of other types of batteries.
For example, nickel-
Even if the battery is not used, the CD loses its charge at a faster rate. Longevity -
This type of battery has a long life and continues to provide reliable performance for a long time.
Also, they can charge a regular fee without seeing the difference in capacity.
Disadvantages: expensive
The process of making lithium-
Ion batteries are long and expensive.
Compared to nickel, the average production cost of this battery is nearly 40% higherCD battery. Traffic-
It is not the battery type that is easiest to transport, there are several restrictions.
For example, it is impossible to transport lithium.
Ion batteries with large air capacity.
However, some devices that use batteries in general luggage can still fly.
Circuit Protection-
The available life can be shortened if the battery is charged regularly.
In addition, these batteries have a built-in
In the protection circuit, the current and voltage are kept and the current and voltage are kept within the safe range.
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