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professional battery power station personalized for camping

Professional battery power station personalized for camping

4 pieces in one box
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Quantity Needed:
Weight: 2.6kg
Voltage Nominal: 12.8V
Capacity Nominal: 18750mAh
Energy: 240Wh
Dimension: 172*155*84mm
Certification: CE, PSE, TUV, FCC
Availability: OEM, ODM, OEM/ODM
Delivery Time: 15days


Using CTECHI 200W Portable Power Station, you can not worry about the lack of electricity on your device during the journey and outdoor activities, it will keep your device always powered.

CTECHI 200W Portable Power Station is the first truly fast charging station on earth. Equipped with the world's leading CYPRESS chip, it has a fast charging license, which is truly and better compatible with the PD fast charging protocol. Compared with products on the market that are marked but not actually licensed for USB-PD 3.0, this product allows you to enjoy the pleasure of charging speed.

And using the most stable and safe lithium iron phosphate battery in the world, we have added high temperature short circuit protection to the CTECHI 200W Portable Power Station. The dual protection material stability and safety features and additional temperature protection program ensure that CTECHIcustomers use it without worry .

Built-in MPPT, real-time tracking of the maximum power point in the solar panel, and maximize the efficiency of the solar panel, the unique DC port processing technology allows the solar charging plug to bid farewell to sparks.

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Question: Can this power a CPAP all night 8 hrs?

Answer: Hi, it depends. CTECHI portable power station powers a CPAP machine longer when turning off the humidifier and heating mode. 

How to calculate the working times for Your Device? 

Working time = 240Wh* 0.85 / operate power of your device For reference, assuming power consumption of your device is 30W, working time will be 160Wh*0.85/30W=6.8 hrs (roughly calculated). Actual power consumption varies from different usages, consult CTECHI for better purchase decision. Also, we would like to recommend 500 and 1000 for you. They have much bigger capacity than 240.

Question: Can you use this indoors during a power outage?

Answer: Yes, you can use indoors during a power outage, so you charge your phone, laptop, LED light etc devices.

Question: Which device can I use?

Answer: CTECHI portable power supply 240 can charge devices such as small drones, mini refrigerators, TVs, electric blankets, smartphones, cameras, laptops and LED lights.

You can use household appliances with a rated output power within 200W.

Question: Can I charge the product while it is powered?

Answer: Yes, it can. It can supply power during charging, and supports straight-through charging.

Question: Can all the ports be used at the same time as it's charging?

Answer: Yes, the product supports pass-through charging, Which means you can use all the ports while charging, both from wall outlet and a solar panel (sufficient sun power needed). Only the recharging speed will be reduced, as all the ports are also discharging the battery because of devices you plugged in. How much slowly also depends on the devices you 're plugging in.

Question: What kind of batteries can these solar panels charge?

Answer: It is necessary to consider the output of the solar panel and the capacity of the battery. For CTECHI portable power station supply 240, we recommend using 18V/60W solar charger. You can also charge sealed lead-acid batteries, colloidal lead-acid batteries and open lead-acid batteries.

CTECHi battery power station is designed based on the aesthetic concept. The design has taken the space layout, functionality, and function of the room into consideration.
The design of CTECHi battery power station is defined as practical. Its shape, its color, and its form are inspired and created by the function of the piece.
Ideas for the design of CTECHi generator portable power station are presented under high technologies. The product's shapes, colors, dimension, and matching with space will be presented by 3D visuals and 2D layout drawings.
CTECHi battery power station undergoes sophisticated production stages. Gait balance analysis, footscan insole system, foot shape scanning by 3D, CAD design, CAM machining, and try-on experiment are all included in the production stages.
The necessary tests have been conducted on CTECHi generator portable power station. These tests include tear strength testing, durability testing, structural stability testing, and slip resistance testing.
The product has good color retention. Made of special materials and treated with surface finish, it is not prone to yellowing.
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