Production of Iron(III) Oxide

by:CTECHi     2020-01-30
Commonly known as rust.Apply a layer to the old floppy disk.Represents a negative number of 1 or 0 in a binary system.Powder jewelers can use it to Polish metal jewelry.metals.Reaction by high heat release aluminum heat agent.
Chlorine gas is toxic and can cause health problems.MSDS.It can cause burns to the skin.MSDS.Please pay attention to the possibility of electric shock when charging with car battery.Use gloves when handling hazardous chemicals.
Follow the procedure.
Plastic will melt or cause some kind of damage to the body.Because of your actions and any physical damage you suffer.There is also national law before you engage in any activity with legal issues.
Iron source must be selected first.
Found in a local hardware store, or steel wool found in most supermarkets.Option has its advantages and disadvantages.The reaction is continued, but the product is pure iron (III) oxide.
pure iron.
An iron-carbon alloy.
The lattice at the molecular level increases the intensity.Carbon will still lag behind in the solution.Bolt or steal wool, and paint scraper.A mixture in a 1:1 ratio of bleach as a catalyst.
.There are more sodium in the white water, and a secondary reaction will occur.done in a well-Ventilation area.1.Iron bolts or steel hairs in plastic containers.2.Containers in well ventilated places, preferably in direct sunlight.
The wind will disperse any toxic smoke.
1-inch or more wool covered with iron or steel4.Check every 30 oxidized.New iron exposure6.Filter is done using a multi-layer coffee filter.The solution still contains red-Re-filter with the new coffee filter.
Your iron oxide removes any residue with water.8.Put your iron oxide in a 2 liter container full of water and shake it.Form a small black layer on it.layer off.Your product.9.Your iron oxide dries in the sun and then grinds with mortar and stle into the required mesh, also known as fineness.
And salt.
O) causing the division of oxygen and hydrogen.This method of decomposing water is called electrolysis.(Salt) to the solution, water can conduct electricity more easily.
-In addition, they form their respective ions, contributing electrons to water.the salt-end (anode).cathode.Interact with oxygen aggregation on the anode.).2 (aq.--xa0Â x86 x92 Âxa02202 (aq.).).Well ventilated area.1.Run extension cord outside for car battery charger.
This ensures ventilation.
The end (anode) of iron bolts or steel wool is usually red.Corrosion of the anode consisting of any metal.The sides are front, just clip the iron to both ends.
about 1-3 inches apart.
Circuit and prevent reaction.
Plug in the car battery and watch from a distance.Please note that rust is rapidly formed on the anode.7.Unplug the car battery iron.8.Until enough iron oxide is produced.9.Filter is done using a multi-layer coffee filter.
The solution still contains red-Re-filter with the new coffee filter.10.Fully oxidized with water to remove any residue.11.Put the oxide into a 2 liter container filled with water and shake it.
A black layer is formed above.
Watch out for this black layer.
Oxide dry in the sun and then grind with mortar and stle to the desired oxidexa0It is also called fine
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