production of desi lithium-ion battery launched in tn

by:CTECHi     2020-02-02
Chennai: production of locally developed lithium
Ion batteries that can reduce the cost of various batteries
The power system, including electric vehicles, was launched here on Tuesday.
The Governor of Tamil Nadu, Palo Alto, is lithium-
Production of ion cells, held here at an event in the CSIR Madras complex in Taramani.
The technology was developed by scientists at CSIR.
Bengaluru is responsible for commercial production at the Central Institute of Electronic chemistry in Karaikudi
Located in Lacey solar Private Limited.
\"Lead-acid batteries costing about Rs 7,000 for only six months, but lithium-ion batteries costing Rs 30,000 can last for eight years,\" Raasi chairman C Narasimhan said . \".
The company, already in the renewable energy sector, plans to produce rechargeable batteries to store solar energy and power electric vehicles.
The company plans to set up a 1 GW solar plant, a battery manufacturing plant and a lithium-ion battery recycling plant near Hosur. B. C. deputy
The president of Hyundai India\'s corporate affairs said local production of batteries would reduce production costs for electric vehicles.
At present, the battery accounts for 30% of the cost of electric vehicles.
India has been importing lithium so far
Ion batteries from South Korea, the United States and Germany.
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