primary battery 's qualifications and internationally authoritative certifications
CTECHi Technology Co. Ltd is not just focused on getting certificates of primary battery . We carry out such activities based on the market demand and the market trend. We invite the most authoritative third parties to conduct such certifications. Every certificate is evidence about product quality and company capability. International certificate is accepted worldwide. It is a solid foundation in the theory and practice. Now many Chinese enterprises are going abroad. In order to internationalize the product, they all try to get world's well recognized certificates. CTECHi is no exception.

CTECHi is quality-oriented and has gained wide market in Micro Thin Battery field. The iPhone Battery series is one of the main products of CTECHi. Special sizes can be customized in we Limited. It is manufactured in high efficiency which is backed by 13+ year experience. There is a steady demand for the product currently, but it will be more widely applied due to its increasing popularity in the market. The product is aimed at being friendly to the environment.

In rechargeable button battery industry, our team brand will pay more attention to the quality of the service. Contact us!
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