Price analysis of UPS lithium battery and UPS power storage battery

by:CTECHi     2021-08-22

There are two types of UPS power batteries on the market, one is lithium battery UPS and the other is battery UPS. The advantages of the two batteries are different, but the price is much different. Now many data centers have begun to use lithium batteries as UPS power solutions, but due to the high cost of production and production of lithium batteries, they have not yet been widely popularized. Today, the editor of Cuneng Electric will give you an analysis of the prices of UPS lithium batteries and UPS power batteries. Lithium battery UPS price quotation: how much is lithium battery? This is what many people will ask. At present, the purchase cost of lithium batteries is about twice that of lead-acid batteries. Let's take 48V lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate battery as examples. If you buy a lithium battery alone, most manufacturers generally cost around 8990 yuan, and a good lithium battery UPS all-in-one machine is at least tens of thousands of yuan. But the price of lithium batteries will drop by half in the future. The price of lithium batteries will drop by half in the future: the price of lithium batteries will drop by half in the next 5-10 years. The research report also pointed out that the price of lithium iron phosphate batteries for communications has fallen by an average annual rate of more than 10%, and has now fallen from 3.3 yuan/WH in 2011 to about 2 yuan/WH, compared with the current 0.55-0.6 yuan/WH The price of lead-acid batteries has been significantly improved. It expects that the price of lithium batteries for communications is expected to drop to around RMB 1.5/WH in 2015. According to calculations, the target cost of energy storage battery market application is US$200/kwh (equivalent to approximately RMB 1246/kwh). But in fact, the price of ordinary lead-acid and modified lead-acid batteries is 1,000 yuan/kwh, lead-carbon batteries are 1300 yuan/kwh, and sodium-sulfur batteries, lithium batteries, and vanadium-sulfur batteries are basically 4,000 yuan/kwh. It is about 3-4 times that of lead-acid batteries, which is obviously not a small gap from the target cost of energy storage battery marketization. The reason why lithium battery UPS is expensive is that it is expensive and reasonable, and has the following advantages that batteries can’t compare: 1. Lithium battery UPS is smaller: Compared with lead-acid batteries, it takes up the same power when providing the same power. The space is only one third of the latter. 2. Longer lifespan: The average working life is 10 to 15 years, while lead-acid batteries can only last for 4 to 6 years. The longer shelf life effectively reduces the cost of battery replacement and maintenance burden. 3. Lithium battery management system (BMS) for management: accurately understand the health status of the battery system, and further reduce the maintenance burden of the staff. The system also helps to protect the battery from damage and prevent low voltage or discharge. 4. High and low temperature adaptability is strong, it can be used in the environment of -20℃-60℃, after the process treatment, it can be used in the environment of -45℃. 5. Green and environmental protection, regardless of production, use or scrap, it does not contain or produce any toxic and harmful heavy metal elements and substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, etc. 6. There is no memory effect, no matter what the state of the lithium iron phosphate battery, it can be used as soon as it is charged, no need to charge it completely first. 7. Lithium battery UPS helps customers increase the deployment scale of existing IT systems, while reducing heat dissipation requirements, saving investment costs and operating costs. 48V lithium battery UPS adapts to industries: data center, photovoltaic energy storage system, large computer room, grid energy storage system, aerospace, home energy storage system, industrial equipment energy storage system, special modified vehicle system, communication base station energy storage system, outdoor Emergency energy storage system UPS power supply battery quotation: UPS power supply battery prices range from several hundred to several thousand, but the product quality varies. For example, Yuasa UPS power battery is 600 yuan, Yishite battery is 700 yuan, and a set of Shante UPS power battery is about 6,000 yuan. The German Sunshine battery is about 1,200 yuan each. The advantages of UPS batteries: high quality and long cycle life. UPS power supply is safe to use and environmentally friendly, and belongs to the true sense of green power. The electrolyte of the gel battery is solid, with a sealed structure, and the gel electrolyte never leaks, so that the specific gravity of each part of the battery is consistent. The battery produces plate bending and short circuit between the plates when used under heavy load, which will not cause a decrease in capacity. It has good physical and chemical protection and is twice the life of ordinary lead-acid batteries. It is safe to use, environmentally friendly, and belongs to the true sense of green power. The electrolyte of the battery is solid, sealed structure, and gel electrolyte, which never leaks, so that the specific gravity of each part of the battery is consistent. UPS battery has low self-discharge, good deep discharge performance, strong charge acceptance, small upper and lower potential difference, and large electric capacity. The above is the quotation and price analysis of UPS lithium battery and UPS power storage battery. Lithium batteries can be said to have won a comprehensive victory in the technical comparison of lead-acid batteries. The main obstacle to their large-scale popularization is cost. It is believed that with the development of future technology and data center technology, lithium battery UPS will be widely used on a large scale.

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