Power lithium battery frequently staged 'finger belly for marriage' What exactly is exposed?

by:CTECHi     2021-09-21
Recently, media reported that Zhengzhou BAK Battery’s power lithium battery processing line has just been put into production, and the 200 million Ah power lithium battery that is expected to be processed in 2018 has been booked by a car company. It is no longer the case that car companies rush to power lithium batteries. The battery company's products are sold out before they go offline, which has a kind of 'finger belly for marriage'. In the second episode of 'The Legend of the Condor HeroesThe two are full of heroism. The reason for the 'finger belly for marriage' staged by battery companies and vehicle companies today is quite intriguing. Battery China.com learned that BAK Battery was established in Shenzhen in 2001 and has been deeply involved in the field of lithium batteries. It has more than 15 years of experience in lithium battery processing and its processing technology is relatively mature. As one of the first domestic power lithium battery companies to enter the field of new energy vehicles, BAK Battery is the same as Dongfeng Motor, Shanghai Shenlong, Nanqi Group, Haima Motor, Zhengzhou Nissan, Hebei Yujie, Beiqi Foton, Xiamen Jinlu, Yundu Many car companies such as New Energy and my country's FAW have formed close cooperative relations. At present, BAK Battery can batch process ternary batteries with high nickel 811 material system, and the energy density has been increased to 232Wh/kg. Its new generation 21700 high energy density battery (using high nickel and silicon carbon material system) is also being deployed. middle. Li Dan, vice president of BAK Battery, said that BAK's battery products have undergone sufficient market verification, solid quality, and excellent performance, which has enabled many vehicle companies to start locking in the power lithium battery products processed by BAK in advance. According to the data provided by the Industry Research Department of the Power Lithium Battery Utilization Branch of the my country Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industry Association, from the production of various companies, it is expected that by the end of 2017, my country’s power lithium battery output will reach 180Gwh, and from January to September The cumulative installed capacity of domestic new energy vehicle power lithium batteries is only 15.17GWh. Industry insiders estimate that the installed capacity of power lithium batteries in 2017 is expected to reach 27GWh, and the gap between the planned output of domestic companies and the actual installed capacity is huge. Battery China.com believes that with the development of my country's new energy automobile industry, battery companies have a strong willingness to expand battery production, and the scale of expansion is huge. However, because the battery industry is a highly sophisticated manufacturing industry, the construction of a production line from equipment procurement to operation and commissioning to mass processing often requires a long adjustment cycle, and the company's planned output is converted into a smaller actual output. On the other hand, the current situation of “many but not strong and uneven” of domestic power lithium battery companies makes it more and more difficult for power lithium battery products to meet the needs of car companies, and the structural output of “insufficient high-end production and excess low-end production” The contradiction of excess has emerged. The pure electric passenger car market has dropped sharply this year, and pure electric passenger cars have become an important battlefield for power lithium battery companies. Domestic pure electric passenger car companies use ternary batteries to make cars gradually clear, and domestic power lithium battery companies are in the process of transformation. Some battery companies that focus on lithium iron phosphate batteries need to adjust their product structure; and some companies that have deployed ternary batteries will also have a ramp-up period of production release, and it is difficult for car companies to find high-quality matching packages. company. It is not difficult to understand the reason why Zhengzhou BAK battery products have just been put into production and announced that the products to be offline are sold out. As new energy vehicles have higher technical requirements for power lithium batteries, such contradictions will become more apparent. Car companies rushing to power lithium batteries also exposed the current imperfect supply chain of core components for new energy vehicles in China. Bao Xudong, the person in charge of Yundu Automobile, once publicly stated that a qualified vehicle company supplier must first ensure a stable supply of quality and quantity. As far as the current power lithium battery is concerned, guaranteeing the supply is a big problem. He admitted frankly that if there is a suitable battery supplier, Yundu will even adopt a cash purchase cooperation model. Battery China.com believes that the reason for this plight of car companies is that, on the one hand, the current domestic high-end power lithium battery production is relatively small, and on the other hand, the current car companies and battery companies have not established a close alliance. At present, domestic car companies are accustomed to transferring cost pressures to battery companies. In this case, it is very easy to cause 'cannibalism'-style 'price wars' between battery companies, and when the supply of power lithium battery products is tight, it is also very easy There is a situation in which power lithium batteries 'the higher the price getsProfessor Chen Quanshi, director of the Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University, once pointed out that the industry chain of new energy vehicles is very long. Only parts companies and vehicle companies are closely integrated, synchronized, coordinated and developed to cooperate in order to make a good car. Building a highly compact supply chain system is the top priority of the current development of new energy vehicles. Battery China.com believes that the current new energy vehicle supporting companies, including power lithium batteries, are under pressure from both upstream and downstream in the upstream and downstream integration of the industrial chain. The overall development of the industry is very unfavorable. The development of the domestic new energy automobile industry must implement the three coordinating spirits of 'the overall industrial chain, industrial planning and layout, and development and safety, Beware of phased overproduction and structural overproduction in the new energy automobile industry. While adjusting the company's processing structure, it is crucial to establish a sense of coordinated development and form a strong industrial alliance.
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