Power batteries, express packaging, new methods for recycling of waste materials

by:CTECHi     2021-09-21
Power battery recycling-cascade utilization-resource recycling-material recycling-power battery pack recycling, this innovative model of urban waste battery recycling and utilization has resolved the global problem of the recycling of waste power batteries. Relying on this model, GEM (Wuhan) Urban Mineral Recycling Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. has established a directional recycling partnership with more than 200 battery manufacturers and car companies, and established a city-based recycling system for used batteries. In the logistics and e-commerce industries, facing the pain of environmental pollution caused by a large number of express packaging, there have been solutions recently. In 2017, JD Logistics joined hands with upstream and downstream partners to launch the 'Qingliu Plan' to promote the greening of the supply chain. This plan explores the realization of low-carbon environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction in multiple links such as packaging, storage, and transportation. So far, JD Logistics has invested more than 5,000 new energy vehicles and built the world's largest logistics photovoltaic project. More than 200,000 merchants have participated in the green packaging initiative, and recycled packaging has been used more than 160 million times. The above cases are just a few of the many innovative, replicable, economic and environmental dual-benefit market solutions that have emerged in recent years. Today (18th) morning, at the 2020 'Paulson Sustainability Award' award ceremony co-sponsored by the Paulson Foundation and Tsinghua University, a total of 'Green Innovation' category and 'Nature Guardian' category were launched. Of the 8 award-winning projects. The 'Paulson Sustainability Award' is awarded once a year to commend and reward innovative, replicable, economic and environmentally beneficial market solutions implemented in China. It is highly influential in the field of global sustainable development. Power of the year awards. 'Drawing a better blueprint for the future of the planet requires innovative thinking, smarter investments and breakthrough technologies.' said Henry Paulson, chairman of the Paulson Institute and former US Treasury Secretary. Chen Xu, secretary of the Party Committee of Tsinghua University, also stated that the countries of the world are closely connected, the destiny of mankind is shared, and sustainable development has a long way to go. With the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry, the recycling of used power batteries has also become a new global issue. According to data released by the Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers a few days ago, since 2015, my country's new energy vehicle production and sales have ranked first in the world for five consecutive years, with 1.206 million sales in 2019. As of the end of June 2020, the number of new energy vehicles in my country reached 4.17 million, accounting for 1.16% of the total number of domestic vehicles. At present, the total promotion and application of new energy vehicles in the national public transportation system has exceeded 300,000, and the elimination of high-energy, high-emission vehicles and unqualified electric bicycles and low-speed electric vehicles is accelerating. This brings tremendous pressure to the recycling and utilization of power batteries, and also brings many business opportunities. The 'Urban Waste Battery Recycling Innovative Model' from Wuhan GEM Co., Ltd. won the annual award in the 'Green Innovation' category. Experts told CBN reporters that this program innovatively applies Internet technology, integrates dry battery recycling networks in cities and communities, and provides feasibility for solving the global issues of dry battery recycling and the recycling of waste power batteries under the development of new energy vehicles. Program. The CBN reporter noted that this year's 'Paulson Sustainability Award' also added the category of 'Nature Protection'. The 'Haikou Wetland Conservation and Restoration Project' of the Haikou Wetland Conservation Management Center explored the 'wetland +' restoration and management model, and won the annual award. According to reports, since the launch of the 'Haikou Wetland Protection and Restoration ProjectDiversity and ecological environment are significantly improved. As a result, Haikou has become one of the first international wetland cities in the world. Other award-winning projects in the 'Green Innovation' category and 'Nature Guardian' category include: JD Green Supply Chain Action-Qingliu Plan (JD Logistics), Guangzhou Nansha Lingshan Island Regional Ecological Chief Management Model (Development of Pearl Bay, Nansha New District, Guangzhou Construction Management Bureau), Agriculture Internet+: a new model of smart breeding (Beijing Rural Credit Interconnection Technology Group Co., Ltd.); Yangtze River finless porpoise protection assistance (Hubei Yangtze River Ecological Protection Foundation), Angsai Township Big Cat Valley Natural Experience (Shanshui Nature Conservation Center of Haidian District, Beijing), Social Welfare Protected Area (Taohuayuan Ecological Protection Foundation).
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