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by:CTECHi     2019-12-28
My wife\'s latest LG sobriety.
To our dismay, the battery life has been shortened by about 3-
The afternoon starts with a full charge that morning.
However, she loves the phone so I think the portable battery charger might be a good solution in case she\'s in the store or where there\'s no car/wall charger.
That\'s what I thought-
My 1st Instructure!
There are several such containers around the network, but most people use altoids containers, 5 v voltage regulators, and 9 v batteries.
I made one. it sucks.
Since the 9 v bat can only hold about 450 mah at most, it charges the phone about 5%, which makes it useless.
It also uses a female USB plug, which means you have to carry the USB cord with you, which is an extra hassle.
I want to create some parts that are easy to find with common ones and are very cheap to build.
The construction cost of the whole project is about $4, from 25-
40% depends on the type of battery you are using.
Accessories: 1x Battery Box-$1. 99 (
I saw it at another radio shack for $2.
29, but I have one local one. 99)
4 AA batteries$. 50 (
I went to the dollar store and bought these 8 packs for $1
$1 phone line. 50 (
I found a cheap one on Amazon, but be sure to buy one for your phone)1A diode (
These are very cheap if you buy them in large quantities
Probably within 10 cents).
Tool soldering iron/welding heat shrink tube or you can use the electrical tape I suggest, cut off the wire and leave about 3-
4 inch from the part connected to the phone.
You need to bring the wire back and you will notice some insulation, maybe some foil and 4 wires: red (+), black (-)
And green and white wires (data).
Cut it off so you have only the red and black wires left.
The green and white wires are just for the transmission of data, which you won\'t do.
This leads to an interesting point.
This charger can\'t be used for the iphone because Apple has created a phone that draws current from the data line --
I think about 2 v each.
Even if you can make something to charge the iphone, a resistor is needed to lower the voltage on both cables.
I don\'t have an iphone so I don\'t want to do that.
Cut off the black and red wires from the battery box, leaving about 1. 5 inches left.
Take your diode and cut it down about 1/2-
3/4 left on each side. (
You will notice that this is a 3A diode and you need a 1A diode as I mentioned before.
I don\'t have a 1A diode and don\'t want to buy one, so I used this 3A.
But all you need is 1A.
Wall charger allows 1A. )
Before welding the wire, you need to slide on the heat shrink tube, slide the smaller pipe on the black wire, push it to the battery box, so that when you weld it will not touch any heat, otherwise it will shrink and you have to cut it off and replace it with another one.
Buy a bigger one now and put it on both lines, but push this to the plug end.
This one will cover two wires and the other will cover only black wires.
Obviously, the two wires are not in contact with each other.
The larger heat shrink tube is large enough to cover the welding area and around the diode diameter, but not large enough to slide at the end of the cable.
* Heat shrink tubes are cheap and you will use them all the time if you are a trimmer and take a box.
But if you don\'t, all of this can be done with tape and it doesn\'t look so good.
Weld black to black 1st and wait until the pipe on the connection is completely cooled before welding.
Once on, heat it to shrink it and move to Red.
This is where the diode has to go.
Make sure the diode is welded in the right direction, otherwise the current cannot exceed this.
The stripes on the diode represent the cathode side (negative)
It leads out of the input current. So this side (See pictures)
Will be on the other side of the battery, or the closest side to the phone plug.
Weld the red line from the battery box to the side of the diode without stripes (the anode).
Wait until it is completely cooled, and then slide the larger tube you have already slipped before soldering the diode. Heat to shrink.
You can leave it at this point.
I decided to put another oversized heat shrink tube on the connection just to strengthen it.
The cool thing about this battery box is that it has an on/off switch.
Put your battery in and charge it with the cover.
* This box needs 4 AA batteries, you know if you know anything about the battery
The voltage of the rechargeable battery is about 1. 5 volts.
The voltage of most rechargeable AA batteries is about 1. 2-1. 3 volts.
We need at least 5 volts to charge our phones.
Whether plugged into a wall jack or a computer, your USB cable will allow about 5 v to pass through as this is the minimum voltage required to charge 3. 5-3.
7 v cell phone battery
So 4 rechargeable batteries will give you 4.
8 v, even if technically this will charge 3 for the time being.
7 v batteries, especially if it takes a long time if the battery is dead, may only give you 5% of the power.
4 The normal battery gives you 6 v, not only will it charge the phone more, but it will charge faster.
Because these are cheap in the $ store, this is what I use.
I bought about 25 cheaper-
Charge 30% when the battery is dead.
If I put the Durak bat in, about 40-
50% of the cost, but it\'s an expensive way to go. You\'re done.
As you can see from the picture, it is plugged in and charged as indicated by the Orange LED at the top.
Look at the phone and you can see the battery charging symbol next to the time in the upper right corner. And that\'s it.
Remember to turn the switch on! ! =)Good luck.
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