Portable hydrogen fuel power battery injects vitality into equipment

by:CTECHi     2021-09-18
Children can hold it in one hand. Have you ever seen such a mini and lightweight hydrogen fuel-powered battery? This is a portable hydrogen fuel power battery developed by the team of Professor Li Xingguo of the School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of Peking University. This battery uses 25 grams of hydrogen fuel rods, and the actual power generation capacity can reach 25Wh, while a commonly used mobile phone battery has 15Wh. Portable hydrogen fuel power batteries can continue to supply electrical energy for laptop computers, cameras and even outdoor work-consuming electrical appliances. The power supply time is doubled longer than that of various types of batteries, and it will not take the same time to charge as ordinary batteries. It not only has a wide range of civilian markets, There is still plenty of room for development in the equipment category. Zheng Jie, an associate professor of the laboratory, said in an interview with a reporter from the Science and Technology Daily that his team used this technology to embark on the road to the army. Portable hydrogen fuel power battery has become a potential stock. High efficiency, noiselessness and environmental friendliness are the three major advantages of hydrogen fuel power battery. The industry also believes that the hydrogen energy and fuel power battery industry is a long-term sunrise industry. Zheng Jie said that the direct conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy, without the intermediate conversion of thermal energy and mechanical energy (generator), is the secret of the high efficiency of hydrogen fuel-powered batteries; the operation is quiet, and the noise is only about 55 decibels, which is equivalent to people's normal conversation. Level; the basic principle of hydrogen fuel power cell is the reverse reaction of electrolyzed water, the reaction product is only water, and the pollution is almost zero. Compared with general hydrogen fuel power cells, portable hydrogen fuel power cells, which are more difficult to develop and have a higher degree of integration, can play an important role in people's outdoor recreation, operations and military missions in the field. Portable hydrogen fuel power cells have a wide range of application prospects due to many advantages, but hydrogen is not used as fuel, and our team is best at hydrogen storage materials, of which MgH2 is the most promising. Zheng Jie told reporters that the purpose of MgH2 is to store hydrogen in the internal voids of the material in atomic form, and to release the hydrogen through the reaction with water, while the hydrogen fuel power cell with power generation as the core consumes hydrogen. The two are closely related but completely different systems. What has led to the crossover of Li Xingguo's team in the civil market? In January 2015, we participated in a seminar related to fuel power cells by chance. There were also some military experts who attended the meeting and learned that various arms are very interested in fuel-powered batteries during the talks. Zheng Jie recalled, since the team has the foundation of hydrogen storage technology, why not take a step forward? Of course, one exchange was far from enough. In the following three years, Li Xingguo's team gradually began close exchanges and strategic cooperation with relevant military units. Li Xingguo’s team activated nano-MgH2 to make it react quickly with water to achieve the goal of evenly and quickly releasing hydrogen. This ready-to-use method greatly reduces the pressure of hydrogen, improves safety, and reduces the need for storage. The requirement of the outer shell of the hydrogen tank is that a sufficiently safe reaction control can replace the original metal shell with a lightweight material. In this way, the cost will naturally be greatly reduced, and for soldiers, the burden has also been effectively relieved. This is also an opportunity for cooperation with the military. With the help of basic research skills, Li Xingguo’s team quickly made a sample—a cube with a side length of about 15 cm. In fact, the shape of this portable hydrogen fuel power battery is not fixed. In order to be used in some small and fixed space equipment, the hydrogen storage, power generation and electronic control unit are thoughtfully designed into three modules, which can be carried out according to the service space. Combination and assembly. I don’t panic when I have food at home. Zheng Jie vividly calls the team's technology and products the food of the family. Not long ago, Zheng Jie not only participated in the third my country's dual-use technology innovation and use competition with family food, but also carried out many popular science activities for middle school students. In the future, he may also expand in the civilian market. Demand matching determines whether the road to joining the army is smooth. Although it is still smooth at this stage, Zheng Jie admitted frankly that many detours have been taken in the past few years. The most important reason is that the detailed requirements of the military were not well understood at that time. Zheng Jie gives an example. Due to cost considerations, traditional hydrogen storage materials are usually designed to be reusable, that is, after the hydrogen in the hydrogen storage materials is used up, new hydrogen can be charged again for continuous use. However, in the view of the military, there are basically no conditions for repeated hydrogenation when soldiers perform field missions. Only after understanding this demand and designing a one-time lightweight hydrogen fuel rod, we have the stepping stone to u0026lsquo;join the armyu0026rsquo;. Zheng Jie said. Demand matching determines whether universities, scientific research institutions, and companies with Ru0026D capabilities can embark on the road of u0026lsquo;join the militaryu0026rsquo;, but the ability to deal with problems determines how far a team can go on this road. In Zheng Jie’s view, some teams have survived the scourge of military-civilian integration, and naturally many teams have come home in fierce competition. Looking at these teams that are as strong as ever, they all have the skills to deal with scientific and practical problems. ability. In fact, it is not limited to military-civilian integration projects. Regardless of region, period, independent research or cooperation, strong professional quality and superb scientific research have always been the iron rice bowl of a research and development team.
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