portable charger vs wind up charger

by:CTECHi     2020-04-30
Mobile phones have reached a milestone in the past five years.
Another determinant of using the phone is the battery backup provided by the phone and the frequency of charging.
In the beginning stage, the mobile phone launched is only the basic model.
But right now, it\'s at the top of the line to meet modern technologies and trends like 3g, WIFI, cameras, Bluetooth, etc.
Therefore, the carrying capacity of mobile phones is also constantly decreasing.
There are several types of Chargers to choose from to meet the needs of charging.
Let\'s discuss the pros and cons of charging your phone with a portable charger and wireless charger.
The Portable Charger requires a power supply, which is highly unlikely without a power supply or low voltage.
This fluctuation e. m.
F of the battery.
Since it uses electricity, we should be very careful when handling the charger.
The portable charger does not guarantee the safety of the user.
It is also heavier than the wind charger.
The main advantage of using a portable charger is its compatibility.
It is compatible with all types of phones.
The continuous charging process using a portable charger will soon result in a replacement of the battery.
The Windup charger does not require any power to charge the mobile device.
The basic principle outside of this charge is energy conversion.
It consists of a handle that needs to be wound.
This handle rotates about 25-
30 minutes will provide enough energy for your mobile device.
In the process, the prototype of the wind charger uses the stored kinetic energy to charge the phone.
Therefore, it is a hundred percent safe compared to the portable charger.
In this type of charger, the LED is used to indicate the energy level of the battery.
It is light in weight and compact in nature.
The main drawback of using the windup charger is its compatibility.
It is not compatible with some devices.
The energy level is judged by the LED, so the charging process can be stopped when the mobile device is fully charged.
No need to replace the battery.
The Wind up Charger provides users with high reliability and low maintenance costs.
The power generation by winding the handle makes people have the consciousness of saving energy and protecting the environment.
The worst thing about portable charging is going through high power shock waves at some point.
When a user operates a mobile device when connected to mains via a portable charger, a shock wave is generated and passed through the mobile device.
Therefore, the insecurity of portable charger equipment is realized.
But in the use of the wireless charger, it is very impossible to use the mobile phone during the charging process.
Only when the phone is not in use will the battery be charged by turning the handle.
The Windup charger simply plugs into the phone using a jack plug or other connector, while the portable charger is directly connected to the terminal of the phone.
The real-time application of the Windup charger is well known to sailors.
When they travel at sea, they can\'t find any power to connect to the portable charger.
At that time, a saturated charger was used.
Therefore, the wind charger can be installed where it is not possible to install the portable charger.
Therefore, due to the non-power consumption and security of the windup charger, its use will be effective.
But the performance of the portable charger is not the worst.
The only determining factor is safety.
To keep the world in a state of ecological protection, it is recommended to use eco-friendly chargers such as windup chargers.
Practical applications can only be known in case of emergency.
Therefore, by reducing the use of mobile phones, the number of charges will also be greatly reduced.
By optimizing the charge, a healthy environment can be maintained.
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