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portable 24v lifepo4 battery personalized for solar energy

Portable 24v lifepo4 battery personalized for solar energy

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Product Details
The LiFePO4 battery refers to a lithium ion battery using LiFePO4 as a positive electrode material. The positive electrode materials of lithium ion batteries mainly include lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, lithium nickelate, ternary materials, LiFePO4 and the like. Among them, lithium cobaltate is the positive electrode material used in most lithium ion batteries. The P-O bond in the LiFePO4 crystal is stable and difficult to decompose, and does not collapse or heat like a lithium cobaltate or form a strong oxidizing substance even at a high temperature or overcharge, and thus has good safety.
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  • LiFePO4 Rechargeable 32V 50Ah Battery Cell for AGV
Application Scope
Lithium iron phosphate is currently used in many alternative lead-acid battery projects, such as golf carts, forklifts, AGV and other lead-acid batteries, which are now being gradually replaced with lithium iron phosphate batteries. Like 3.2V 50Ah LiFePO4 Cell for AGV. It has been reported that in the actual operation, a small part of the sample was found to have a burning phenomenon in the acupuncture or short-circuit test, but there was no explosion event. In the overcharge experiment, a high-voltage charge that was several times higher than the self-discharge voltage was used, and it was found that there was still Explosion phenomenon. Nevertheless, its overcharge safety has been greatly improved compared to the ordinary liquid electrolyte lithium cobalt oxide battery. The long-life lead-acid battery has a cycle life of about 300 times, and the highest is 500 times. The lithium iron phosphate power battery has a cycle life of more than 2000 times, and the standard charge (5 hour rate) can be used up to 2000 times. The same quality lead-acid battery is "new half year, old half year, maintenance and maintenance for half a year", up to 1~1.5 years, while lithium iron phosphate battery is used under the same conditions, the theoretical life will reach 7~8 years. Considering comprehensively, the performance price ratio is theoretically more than four times that of lead-acid batteries. High-current discharge can be quickly charged and discharged with high current 2C. Under the special charger, the battery can be fully charged within 1.5 minutes of 1.5C charging, and the starting current can reach 2C, but the lead-acid battery has no such performance.
  • CTECHI LiFePO4 Rechargeable 32V 50Ah Battery Cell for AGV
  • CTECHI LiFePO4 Rechargeable 32V 50Ah Battery Cell for Golf Cart
  • CTECHI LiFePO4 Rechargeable 32V 50Ah Battery Cell for forklifts
Company Advantages
1. Having been finely processed, 24v lifepo4 battery can be widely used in many different places. It is CE/ISO/ROHS/UN38.3/MSDS/UL certified
2. The product is used in many applications for its quick discharging ability. It is especially useful when there is in need of power source temporarily. The product is designed for wide applications
3. The product provides reliable and safe electricity energy. It is less likely to have short circuits problem or easily affected by large currents. The sale is expanded based on our strong partnerships with Panasonic, Sanyo, LG, Samsung, etc
4. This product can store energy reasonably well for a long time with low self-discharge. It will not be affected by outer elements such as temperature, moisture, vibration, shock, etc. A free solution can be designed for the customer

Company Features
1. Focused on the 24v lifepo4 battery industry for many years, lifepo4 batterie has grown to be a vanguard enterprise. The application of new technology into 12v lifepo4 battery charger brings newly high technology experience for customers.
2. 12 volt lifepo4 battery technology helps a good quality what is lifepo4 battery be manufactured.
3. CTECHi Technology Co. Ltd enjoys solid financial and technological strength to make sure the quality of lifepo4 battery 100ah . We are committed to a range of sustainable practices. During our production, we spare no efforts to be responsible for the environment, such as reducing emission pollution and conserving resources.
CTECHi what is lifepo4 battery is manufactured by a quality oriented organization. It is extremely lightweight and the wearer never has to be weighed down by it
12 volt lifepo4 battery is an award-winning products that exceed our customer's expectations and offer unmatched value. Its fabrics endow it with maximum ventilation and breathability
CTECHi 12 volt lifepo4 battery has compliant design and manufacturing processes through product lifecycle. It protects the skin from scratches and bruises
CTECHi lifepo4 battery 100ah has experienced a well-designed process. It is designed and manufactured in accordance with China GB, GB/T, and GHZB standards
The raw material used for the CTECHi what is lifepo4 battery is procured from some of the reliable vendors. It will not cause itching with soft and smooth fabrics
The product is rather practical and has the functionality that customers needs.
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