Porsche Panamera: Plug in, Power up

by:CTECHi     2020-03-17
2017 Porsche Panamera 4 ehybrid.
Image: Supplier Source: supplier will have consequences if you forget to recharge Panamera 4 E-Hybrid.
Without the plug-in, the Porsche hatchback will be lowered at its highest speed.
It will be charged at a speed of 278 kilometers per hour.
Ion battery pack lasts.
Without electric AIDS, the car is 20 km/h slower.
Difference between the highest speed of the plugin petrol-
The electric Panamera highlights the performance gains from Porsche\'s latest hybrid technology.
Because Porsche is developing more cars like this, it is necessary to get used to this idea. In fact, plug-
Hybrid technology will be an important part of the highly respected German brand Grand Power System program.
Porsche has three plugs.
In mixed predecessors.
Panamera s e-
E-Hybrid and cayenne
Hybrid cars are made with parts designed by other brands owned by Volkswagen Group.
Both of them used the supercharged Audi v6.
The third difference.
The 918 Spyder in 2013 was released almost at the same time as other versions, and is a superfast, ultra-Full Exoticexpensive two-seater.
A total of 918 units were built before production stopped in 2015.
The company\'s performance flagship, which is entirely Porsche\'s own job, did two things with electricity.
One of them, the ability to drive some way on the battery power supply, is normal for the plugin hybrid.
However, when needed, the battery pack can also add a very large power boost to the high output of the carrevving, mid-mounted V8.
This approach is consistent with Porsche\'s performance
The first philosophy has now been the new Panamera 4 E-Hybrid.
It will arrive in Australia in 2017, about six months after launching its core model in the new second month this month
A series of Panamera.
The price tag will be $242,600, about $40,000 lower than the first one
Generation Panamera s e-Hybrid. The new 4 E-
A hybrid car is a large, long, wide and heavy car.
The weight of the battery pack and motor is increased to more than two tons.
But inside it
The internal combustion engine, which works with the motor, can provide a peak output of 340 KW and nm, which is also very active.
Porsche claims that in less than 5 kilometers it can grow from a static state to 100 km/h.
0 seconds, anyone\'s language is fast.
Small knob mounted on elegant three
Spoke wheel switch between four driving modes.
Porsche twins in Sports and Sports Plusturbo 2. 9-
V6 V6 is running all the time.
The interior of the 2017 Porsche Panamera 4 ehybrid.
Image: Supplier Source: Supplier these are the modes of sport driving as they also consolidate the suspension.
In these modes, Porsche makes all the right noise when spinning, while the electric motor adds a lot of push shove at low rpm.
It is also very agile for such a clunky car.
In hybrid car mode, the engine stops and starts depending on the gradient, speed, and the driver\'s operation using the accelerator pedal.
While drivers can go beyond this strategy, the goal of hybrid software is to achieve optimal energy efficiency.
With the large and bright central touch screen of the new Panamera, the driver can activate the electronicsCharge or E-Hold sub-modes.
The first will gradually charge the battery using the engine, and the second will retain any charge that already exists.
The idea is to have Porsche ready to enter an area that limits or prohibits the entry of diesel locomotives.
These are becoming more and more common around the world, and Porsche executives believe the trend will accelerate. In E-
Electric mode cars are driven only by electricity.
You don\'t hear the engine running until the battery is dead, or the driver flatten the accelerator pedal --
What you get is a weak engine.
Just like the noise from the speakers in the car.
There is a menu option to turn this off, but it fits the way the car works.
This mixing is transferred through its eight ratiosspeed double-
The clutch is automatic when running on power, and few people do so.
Porsche claims battery.
Only 25 km miles50km.
2017 Porsche Panamera 4 ehybrid.
Image source: supply low-
E-strong speed accelerationPower.
Porsche has no problem beating other vehicles while running a red light.
The maximum power output of the motor 100 KW is not large, but its 400Nm peak torque is from 100 rpm-2300rpm.
This is not a typographical error.
Porsche announced last year that
Panamera revealed for the first time that there will be two hybrid models.
Executive and engineer at Panamera 4 E-
The international launch of the hybrid in South Africa suggests that the second will feature the company\'s new v8. This twin-turbo 4. 0-
A powerful blow to the pack.
With the extra power boost, the power may exceed 500 KW, which will be the fastest in all Panamera.
It is likely to appear before the end of the year.
Panamera and Cayenne always share power system technology, so it\'s logical to expect Porsche to move in the same direction as its popular SUV, as a full redesign takes place in about two years.
Meanwhile, Porsche is preparing another plug production line at a factory outside Stuttgart. in.
Production version of beautiful 2015 mission-
Pure battery concept-powered.
Production is likely to begin in 2020.
Forget to plug this in and its maximum speed will be zero.
In the luxury Porsche PANAMERA 4 E-
HYBRIDPRICE $242,600 warranty 3 years/unlimited kmsecurity Not ratedENGINE 2. 9-litre V6 twin-
Combined drive turbine synchronous motor 8-340 KW/700 nmspeed DSG; AWDTHIRST 2.
5L/100 km (est) size 5049mm (L), 1937mm (W), 1423mm (H), 2950mm (WB) weight 2170 spare none; inflation kit0-100KM/H 4.
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