plug-in mini hits the road on a short leash

by:CTECHi     2020-01-19
This is more of a test platform than a car at this point.
BMW released details of the all-electric MINI at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Wednesday, saying it plans to deploy about 500 all-electric MINI teams
Electric vehicles used privately in daily traffic.
Mini e will be made by 150 KW (204 hp)
Motor powered by high level
Performance rechargeable Lithium
Lithium-ion battery that passes it through a single front wheel
The stage spiral gearbox has little sound and no emissions at all.
Battery technology is designed specifically for cars, and it will have a range of more than 250 kilometers, or 156 miles.
As part of a pilot program in California, New York and New Jersey, mini e will initially be available to select private and corporate customers.
The company is considering expanding the mini e pilot project to Europe.
The electric drive train of mini e provides seamless acceleration of 100 km/h (62 mph)in 8. 5 seconds.
The maximum speed is limited to 152 km/h electronically (95 mph).
The mini e features a suspension system that matches the weight distribution, reflecting the flexibility and handling capabilities of the brand.
BMW said that in the actual daily traffic conditions, about 500 cars will be on the road, it will be possible to get a wide range of applications. on experience.
Assessing these findings will generate valuable knowledge.
How this will be incorporated into the quality engineering
Production vehicles.
Based on the current MINI, this car will initially be listed as two carsseater.
Space occupied behind-
The passenger seat of the series has been lithium-ion battery. The lithium-
Ion storage device with a maximum capacity of 35 KW (kWh)
And transmit the energy to the motor in the form of a nominal 380 v dc.
The rechargeable battery consists of 5,088 batteries and is divided into 48 modules.
These modules are encapsulated into three battery elements that are arranged in a compact arrangement in the mini e.
Lithium battery for mini e-
Ion batteries can be plugged into all standard power outlets.
Its charging time is strongly dependent on the voltage and current flowing through the grid.
In the United States, users can use the wallbox that will ship with each mini e to charge the battery, which is completely exhausted in a very short period of time
Wallbox will be installed in the customer\'s garage, enabling higher current, thus providing a fully charged battery after two chargesand-a-half hours.
A full charge gets up to 28 KW of the power from the grid.
According to the mileage of the car, kWh is converted into 5. 4 miles.
Except for the benefits of zero
As a result, the mini e offers a significant economic advantage over vehicles powered by conventional internal combustion engines. The heavy-
The Duty battery delivers its power to an electric motor mounted under the mini e hood.
During driving, the motor acts as a generator once the driver releases the accelerator pedal.
This creates the braking force, and the Power recovered in the driven energy is fed back to the battery.
This interaction ensures very comfortable driving-especially at medium speeds that are constant but vary on the edges.
In urban traffic, a deceleration of about 75% can be completed without braking.
Taking full advantage of this energy recovery function, the car\'s mileage has been extended by 20% kilometers.
The weight is 1,465 (3,230 lbs)
The weight distribution of mini e is uniform.
Production of about 500 cars will take place at the company\'s Oxford and Munich factories and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2008.
MINI\'s UK plant will be responsible for manufacturing the whole vehicle except the drive parts and lithium
Ion batteries, the brand\'s range of models are off the line at the same time.
The units will then be transferred to a specially equipped manufacturing complex located at the BMW plant, where electric motors, battery units, performance electronics and transmissions will be integrated.
The car will be based on one-
Annual lease with extension option.
The monthly rental period will include the technical services required for all necessary maintenance and the replacement of the weeing pieces.
At the end of the lease, all cars belonging to the project will be returned to the engineering Fleet of the BMW Group, where they will be tested for comparison.
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