Plant Tracking by GPS

by:CTECHi     2020-03-04
There is now a greater demand for plant equipment tracking than ever, as there are more theft of construction sites, quarries, road works and farms than ever before.According to the Home Office, in the UK alone, factory theft in 2007 exceeded £ 1 million per week.The equipment is always shipped to the European continent, often to former Eastern European countries, and it is reported that equipment from the UK is even far from China.
To prevent tracking units from being disabled, or they may cause unnecessary attention, it is always recommended to hide the tracking units.It is very important that the tracking system installed on the factory equipment should have its own independent power supply instead of relying on the factory equipment\'s own power supply.It is also advisable that the battery of the tracking unit is not a rechargeable battery, it again requires the power of the plant equipment to keep the battery of the tracking unit charged.
In addition to the obvious weakness of having the tracking unit rely on factory equipment to power, the main reason is that thieves can track the device by tracking the power cord that the device uses to charge the battery.The most effective tracking unit type has its own independent battery that can power the unit for several years while being able to send frequent daily reports.As far as we know, the stolen plant and farm equipment can be transported almost anywhere, so the equipment should be able to operate globally.
Pear Track System Co.
, Ltd.
produces a concealed factory and farm equipment tracking system specially designed for factories and farm equipment with 5 years battery life.The system uses GPS to locate plant equipment, and then transmits location information using the global mobile communication system (GSM.Battery life of PT500 has been optimized, so it is able to send multiple job reports per day for up to 5 years.
The unit can also be fitted with motion sensors, so if the plant equipment is placed on the trailer or moved out of the site, the unit will wake up and alert and then send more frequent location reports.The system is also able to send an alert message when the equipment is moved out of its geo-fence, which can be set around its base or the construction site that has left.The Web can send alerts-System based on e-commerceSend mail and SMS services (SMS) to the user\'s mobile phone ).
The user can then view the location of the device and the nature of the alarm.The system allows users to use multiple mapping solutions through our web to find the location of pear track tracking devices within a few meters anywhere in the worldBased on the tracking portal.Each user has a unique username and password to access the advanced tracking system;This will let you find the real one.
Time and historical location of the unit.
In just a few minutes, PT-500 the tracking system can be secretly installed inside the factory or farm equipment, and can be easily transferred if the equipment is sold or replaced.Report intervals can also be configured remotely from the Pear Track Portal, activity reports can be viewed on a map, or they can be downloaded in text, the date and location of the asset, and any alerts that are active at that time.Pear Track offers a range of battery powered GPS tracking products starting with 10 years PT-A small personal matchbox size product called MiniTrack, which sells for 1000 yuan.
MiniTrack has a 30-day rechargeable battery that can be carried by a separate worker or security guard;It can even be installed on search dogs.The Pear Track series also includes compact pallet tracking devices with a battery life of 1 to 2 years, as well as a variety of non-Power and Power Assets including trailers, portable buildings and factories.Although pear Rail Systems Co., Ltd. is a new company, it has a long history in GPS tracking and communication systems.
Pear Track is made up of Paul Burke and John Macey, founder of Minorplanet Ltd, who later became one of the world\'s major GPS tracking companies, and so far, many people see this as a market leader in thousands of vehicle tracking systems around the world.The GPS vehicle tracking industry developed rapidly in the early 90 s, and the pear track and field team was indeed a pioneer, playing an important role in the development of many modern GPS tracking systems still based on technology and systems.Pear track products are designed and manufactured in the UK using state-of-the-art production and quality control facilities in accordance with strict standards.
Pear track products are strictly tested before leaving the factory, ensuring the highest quality and trouble-free service of \"out of the box.As the leader of the worldWe are constantly developing our product base and our R & D team has been developing and producing \"first class\" GPS, communication and security products for more than 20 years
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