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by:CTECHi     2020-01-11
So, you had a great time on a shiny new iPod Touch.
This is a real treat. the kitchen sink is full of bells and whistles.
However, buying an iPod Touch is only half the battle-choosing the right accessory is when the fun really starts.
Although there are a few metric tons of iPod bits and bobs that need to be screened, there are few that have to be screened
Having iPod accessories that should not be available to any iPod/iPhone owner.
For anyone considering an iPod pull strip, the case should be the number one accessory.
The entire front of the IPod touch consists of a piece of glass, a fragile widget that does not bounce when dropped. Add a scratch-
Easy picture design and good protective housing is not allowedbrainer.
The protective case does not need to turn the svelte Touch into a fattie, and the feather case used by the iPod pio for iPod touch and iPhone is less than 1mm thick but very hard.
Screen protectors are also provided to reduce glare.
Gelaskins is a sticky vinyl skin that will not exceed the gpio, it has a wide variety of cool designs and is complimented by downloadable matching wallpaper to make your iPod touch seamless
GelaSkins is also scratch resistant and UV resistant and can be removed cleanly if you want to switch to another design.
Apple may have designed the ultimate media player with an iPod, but the headphones they bundle are complete pants and should be replaced as soon as possible.
Thankfully, there are several very beautiful alternatives that can push iPod audio to new heights.
The ultimate ear has been-
Headphones selected for millions of years of major musicians.
From a custom designed receiver to a more affordable Metro Fi model, Ultimate ears delivers incredibly good sound.
If the final ear range is out of reach, Vibe Duo for Vmoda is a great choice.
They are built with a smooth aluminum finish that is easy to use on the eyes and more importantly can be used continuously. A \"semi-
The \"Open\" design also allows air to flow to the headphone drive for in-ear oonst.
VmodaPod Power some iPod accessories are the solution to the problem, but it is not only useful to provide extra Power and eco-friendly Power for your iPod, this is the inevitable and possible difference between vitamin audio and silent life.
Mophie\'s juice bag is very useful.
The secret of this is that rechargeable lithium-
The ion battery located inside the housing allows the juice packaging to work double as a protective case and doubles the iPod battery life if it takes a long time to extend the iPod soak.
Solio is a green certified compact charger that includes a set of multiple power adapter tips for charging a variety of gadgets, including the iPod.
Solio is divided into three parts (like a fan)
Expose its solar cells, which use sunlight to charge the built-in batteriesin battery.
With an internal battery that can be charged by a sun or wall socket, you can carry the battery equivalent to an extra battery to keep the iPod juicing.
If you\'re going to a remote location, the daily iPod good diet has to rely on the sun and it\'s hard for you to get through Solio.
When it comes to private housing, the SolioiPod dock-
Listen, the iPod has proven very well that it is the best.
Thanks to a large number of docks that work as Chargers and external speakers, the iPod can also become a more sociable audio companion.
Logitech Pure-
Fi Dream is easily equivalent to a full iPod dockblown micro Hi-Fi replacement. The Pure-
Fi Dream is suitable for most ipod/iphone with two tweeters and two bass speakers.
You can forgive for equating purity.
Fi Dream\'s small form factor is a pint-sized squeak, but the reality is that it makes rock and roll sound.
Solid Sound.
In addition to the audio, it also integrates the FM/AM radio tuner, you can switch between stations using the bundled remote control, which is a pretty smart thing to lay out the backlight orange button wisely
Keep it pure with the button-
Fi Dream is also an alarm clock with an easy-to-find \"nap\" button at the top, making the pufi Dream the ideal bedside companion. Logitech Pure-
Fi Dream AV Labs thanks to its clear 7-inch widescreen LCD display, my Tube iPod dock can play music and videos, which makes it a great way to watch video podcasts, watch photos, listen to music, of course.
In addition to the ipod, video can be played via USB thumb drive and memory card. Audio-
It\'s wise that my tube can also be delivered and it\'s easy to fill my kitchen with stereo.
Rounded in, is a remote control that feels reliable and is very easy to use thanks to a set of buttons for logical layout.
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