Performance analysis of power lithium battery protection board?

by:CTECHi     2021-08-14

As a power tool battery manufacturer and electric (bicycle, bicycle bus) battery manufacturer, do you have any understanding of the main components that determine the high performance of your own power multi-cell batteries? In addition to batteries, another leading accessory for lithium-powered batteries is lithium-powered multi-string battery protection boards. Let’s take a look at the main parameters of the performance of the lithium-powered multi-string protection board.

1. Lithium power battery cell materials

Now it is mainly composed of iron-lithium cells and lithium cells. The overcharge and overvoltage points of the two cells are inconsistent. Yes, if the two battery cell materials are confused, it will cause the battery to be completely discharged or incompletely discharged. Of course, it is also a threat to safety.

2. The number of lithium power battery strings

The number of lithium power battery strings determines the total voltage value of the lithium power battery. If the number of battery strings is wrong, the battery protection board will not be protected. accurate.

3. Is the charging and discharging the same port or split port

Basically, in the lithium battery multi-string battery protection, the same port mode can be split, but the split port is changed. Cheng Tongkou is almost impossible.

4. Do you have a balance function? A few years ago, many lithium battery manufacturers liked to use the balance function to adjust the voltage and current difference between each battery; but after practice, the balance function may not be suitable for every lithium battery. In the battery, it depends on the performance requirements of the battery and the performance parameters of the battery cell; sometimes, the equalization function may cause the battery cell to explode.

5. Specifications and dimensions of lithium battery protection board The specifications and dimensions are the issue of whether the protection board and the ivory battery pack are properly installed. Of course, the issue that affects the assembly cannot be ignored.

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