Pay attention to these points for lithium batteries to ensure a service life of more than five years

by:CTECHi     2021-07-11

Xiaohan has passed and has entered the coldest day of the year. Before, the editor has posted precautions for the use of lithium batteries in winter, but there are still many people who have sent private messages to the editor and asked a lot of questions, including others. Send the good-end battery to our after-sales service, and the result is that there is no problem. Today I will give you a summary:

First, try to charge in a higher temperature room< /p>

When the environment of the lithium battery drops by 1°, the capacity will drop by 1%. If the outdoor temperature is too low, the battery will not be fully charged and will not run far.

Second, charge as you use it

Try to choose to charge after using the vehicle, because the battery has surplus at this time Temperature can also improve charging efficiency.

3. 'Cover the battery with a quilt'

If the above requirements are really not possible, then give the battery' Put a quilt

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