Overview of the preparation process and specifications of battery-grade nickel sulfate

by:CTECHi     2021-07-28

The production of nickel sulfate generally includes the following:

1. Preparation of nickel sulfate from metallic nickel:

Use sulfuric acid to dissolve metallic nickel, and obtain crude nickel sulfate crystals after crystallization. The crystals are dissolved, and then concentrated after removing impurities to obtain battery-grade nickel sulfate crystals.

2. The impurity nickel contained in the copper electrolysis is dissolved into nickel sulfate in the anode, and after impurity removal and concentration, battery-grade nickel sulfate crystals are obtained.

3. Nickel intermediates such as nickel oxide, nickel hydroxide and nickel carbonate are prepared by dissolving in sulfuric acid.

4. Prepared from nickel-containing solution in cobalt production.

5. Prepared from nickel-containing waste.

At present, metal nickel is mainly used as raw material to prepare nickel sulfate in foreign countries, including Canada, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan of China. The advantages are: the raw materials are pure, the source of raw materials is stable, the quality and quantity are guaranteed, the impurities are few, the quality of the prepared nickel sulfate crystals is high, the production process is clean, and the environmental pollution is minimal. The disadvantage is: high production costs.

At present, our country mainly prepares nickel sulfate by other methods besides metal nickel raw materials. The advantages are: the source of raw materials is diverse, and our poor nickel absorbs nickel raw materials as comprehensively as possible, turning waste into treasure, and low production cost. The disadvantages are: the production process is not clean, which has a great impact on the environment, and the environmental assessment is not easy to pass, and it requires certain strength of the enterprise. In the face of the country's increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, my country's nickel sulfate preparation raw materials have a tendency to transform to metallic nickel raw materials. Some companies have already begun to operate.

Second, battery-grade nickel sulfate quality specifications

my country’s current representative battery-grade nickel sulfate suppliers include Jinchuan Group Nickel Salt Co., Ltd., Gene Nickel Industry, GEM, Chizhou Sean New Materials, etc. The specifications are as follows:

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